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    And it stinks that it's a Holiday for alot of people tomorrow.

    Many folks won't even be able to log in now likely until the weekend if at all.
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    Ummen i

    Alright fair enough, but i'm a closed beta user and i still cannot access it? If it's open for closed beta users then i should be able to play correct?
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    Originally Posted by XoDeMoNoX Go to original post
    Yeah I was wondering the same thing. What's the time frame on getting the open beta up and working? Would like a time frame over just saying postponing so i'm not sitting here waiting for it to come up.
    I think all those who didn't get in on the closed beta are sat here waiting, i agree we need a time frame
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    epic fail.
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    why do we bother:

    why i still buy games when my closed beta never worked now open beta not working

    pre- order cancled
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    BOYCOT THIS game all i dosent works sine 1 weeks ago OMFG UBI

    preorder canceled to
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    Originally Posted by EpicMunchies Go to original post
    I think all those who didn't get in on the closed beta are sat here waiting, i agree we need a time frame
    what's the point? we had a time frame and they failed it.
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    postponed but no ETA at all? That can't be good news. Server issues were happening all day yesterday but they wait almost 2 hours after it was suppose to be up to tell us about the delay.
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    thanks for the information, hope you guys get this figured out. i was in the closed beta and was wondering why i wasnt able to play yesterday or today? are other closed beta testers also not being able to play?
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    Saw this coming.
    Im playing the closed beta and still able to play the game right now. Matchmaking is horrible and hardly works.
    If they released the open beta now, in this state, everyone would just cancel their preorder.

    Very excited if they manage it until release, its only a few days left. Maybe they should have spent more money in development and net-code then marketing...
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