hi guys!

some few things i noticed during gaming. but 1st of all, i like this game very much. it has a lot of potential and i am eager to see whatīs coming the next year. ^^ i liked it during the closed beta ... but now even more.

so letīs get to it:


1.) FLAWLESS VICTORY - no renown
well then ... there is no "renown" at a flawless victory. had it a lot.

2.) model sync and actual visual
had it some time, that an enemy model was looking in a different direction, i shot at him but got killed. because he was indeed aiming and shooting at me. but it didnt look that way from my point of view. there is some synching problem with that. especially if you want to ambush so.

3.) netcode delay
in my opinion the netcode "delay" is a bit too high. sometimes it seems, that i got shot, when i was going into cover. i mean when i was "visually" in cover .. but still shots hit me.

4.) stuck problems
there are some stuck problems. i got stuck during crouching outside of the house ... and lean against a fence. then i was stuck to that fence. or vaulting on to the roof. i got stuck at the roof attic. and so on ...

5.) rappel problem
sometimes rappel down from a roof doesnt work.

everything else

1.) skip videos
it would be nice, if thereīs a possibility to skip the intro videos (nvidia e.g.).

2.) matchmaking
sometimes it takes a lot of time finding a match.

well thatīs all folks. sorry for my crappy english, not a native speaker.

see u guys