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    [Suggestions] Anno 2205, DLC's, Expansions, and Anno Games

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    1. Planet MARS.

    * - Full expansion pack with 3 or even 4 civilization levels.
    - Unlike Moon, Mars should be available after reaching some good milestones on Earth and Moon in therms of population, income, resources, goals and after researching Space Travelling and other technologies.
    - Research should be time and resources consuming.
    * - Mining / farming specialization. Allow players to research and choose one or two out of several resources that they can produce and "force" their hands to trade with other players or NPC characters (temporary or permanent) to get their hands on the other resources needed. Such resources should be used only in construction and later civilization stages. This will also rise the replayability of the game. Also this idea should be carried over in another games.
    - Mars should be skyrocking expensive.
    * - The ultimate goal is to build a large Martian City. In order to do that first we need to unlock and build a Martian Research Station, then research, produce the necesary goods and start Terraforming the planet by building a Large Terraforming Complex (Second stage). Smaller terraforming stations should be available as well and they should serve the population just like the Shield Generators on the Moon. And in the end build the mightiest project humankind ever imagined, The Arcology. (third stage). This last project should be carried in stages and should take days and thousands of resources to be completed.
    Each stage should unlock building modules for your other monuments.
    ** - Terraforming should be carried into several steps.
    * - Houses here should be build around distribution centers. Just like in classic anno games around markets or like in arctic around industry.
    * - Unlike Earth and Moon, here we need to build warehouses so we can stock extra resources, especially for the terraforming phase or for the monuments.
    - Solar Plants
    * - Monorails, space ports (community, transportation building)

    2. Other planets from our Solar System
    * - DLC / Expansion pack. Focusing on exploration and exploatation of one (DLC) or several (Expansion Pack) planets of our solar system.
    * - Very challenging DLC / EP.
    * - Sector projects should focus on exploration and exploatation.
    * - Several giant maps with several very small buildable areas.
    * - Fog of war. Remember Anno 1404 or 2070 when we had to explore the surrounding and find our first isle? Planet surface is barelly visible due to the heavy storms. Take your vehicle and explore the vast planet for suitable places to build colonies. Vehicle should be available only until you discover the first site and it should become available after you repair and resupply your vehicle.
    * - PvE / PvP on the same map. Build an army and defend your colony hubs from the enemy factions.
    * - Also separate conflict zones too. Go explore one of the mines with your miners/colonists/troops and make a path toward the resource depozits or clear it from enemies.
    * - Just like on the Moon, you start with a small spaceport and a vehicle or several. This time you won't have access to a space elevator or energy transmitter, instead you expand this spaceport with storage rooms and colonist homes. Your space port will also work as the main warehouse in that sector. You could build few houses around for accommodation but then you will have to supply your vehicle and go exploring the planet surface for other suitable areas to build colonies or mining spots. Resource sites should come in two versions: Mountain side and surface side.
    * - Timed missions. Your vehicle is limited on resources. If you don't find a suitable place within time your mission will fail and you will have to send a rescue vehicle for your explorers then start over.
    * - Once a suitable place is found you have to deliver resources and build a base, similar to building sector projects, and once build you will be able to build a colony in the vicinity of the base.
    - There we can build very small colonies, with up to 1-2 levels of civilizations, or just small bases, where we can mine for very rare materials and not only.
    * - Most of the community resources should come from Earth, Moon and or Mars.
    - Here the available land should be very expensive thus you need a lot of planning and build smaller settlements, consisting in smaller houses or just few large complexes that'll boost the population a lot.
    - More house sizes. 2x2, 3x3, 6x6 and very large complexes like 9x9 or 12x12 available in a limited number. Available for all regions.
    - Environment here should be harsh. Strong winds, rockfalls, quakes, damages that will shut down the production for a while, bad visibility, etc... Always bad weather that can go even worse.
    - The goal here is to mine for some rare materials and ship them towards Earth and build a Large Space Station Complex, from where we can start the preparations for the Interstellar Space Travelling somewhere in the distant future.
    ** - We should also mine some limited deposits of materials and ship them toward earth and process them into different products then skip them towards the research station and research some additional projects.
    ** - Population here should act as a resource!!! Minigame. You have to train your future engineers in earth and moon training stations so they can overcome the harsh conditions awaiting them in the upcoming exploration. Training is time consuming and require lots of resources. Not all trainees are going to Mars!
    * - Among sector projects: Deep mines (Nice and large structures that give us some large resource output), Underground colony (built somewhere in a cliff), research facilities, underground warehouses (build deep inside the mountain range)
    * - Disasters (quakes - cracks in the landmass or just massive collapses that will unveil hidden caverns, storms of all kind, famine, diseases, fires, explosions) should temporary shut down production in different ways, hit population levels or stocked resources.
    * - Some disasters should destroy certain sector projects you just built and you will have to come and save the day
    * - Temporary traders would fit like a charm
    * - Wind parks, unsafe geothermal power plants, risky nuclear power plants, or just coal / oil power plants to fuel your city.
    ** - Another element that could be introduced here is just digging out different samples of elements for research purposes and perhaps for getting clues about extraterrestrial lifeforms. From small organisms and animals up to extraterrestrial intelligence.

    3. Other
    - More civilization levels.
    - More monuments, modular or not, small or large, in fixed areas (coast, mountains, isles, ...) or not. With different functionalities like adding population, culture, safety, income, energy, protection, production, etc...
    - More different sector projects per sector. Also longer and harder missions in the end.
    - Moon, Mars and Space conflict zones. Also conflict zones on other planets as well.
    - More resources like Iridium, Graphene, Petrochemicals, Magnetite, used not only to upgrade buildings but also ships and houses to a much higher level, monuments, sector projects and why not sectors on another planets. Such resources should also be needed for every building on Mars and other planets.
    - Ofc more resources and production buildings as well, and some very complicated production chains too, that involve mining and farming on the temperate zones, arctic, moon and mars.
    - Rare resources, tradeable only, needed to satisfy the needs of the community in later civilization stages, for construction, monuments and sector projects, research or ship building.
    - Temporary Traders. Flying, Floating, Walking.
    - Disasters? Speaking about I'd love to see one big meteor hitting one of my Moon cities laying only dust behind. I'd be shocked to see my Arctic Glacier cracking under my feet (city) or fall into the sea (even visually only). Maybe a giant landslide / floods in the Temperate regions.
    - Shipyard where we can expand our fleet in that specific sector. Dispatch those ships for some distant battles and get the chance to put your hands on some extra materials. Or just defend yourself from some enemy fleets that will invade that sector.
    - Sponsors. Without random maps I think a better way to get along is to introduce sponsors that will give you the chance to build on different maps than the one from the campaign. This way you can add some larger or smaller maps, easier or harder and share some of them among sponsors and make everything better.
    - More and larger building modules. Maintenance. Productivity bonus.
    * - Where are the Solar Farms from Anno 2070? Ofc in 2205 version with bigger and more "crops". In temperate zone we lack the power and we need to focus on getting some from the moon but we could also build some large solar plants here and there for some extra power.
    * - Why there is not a single research facility on moon at least? Maybe It could be introduced as a need for 3rd civilization level on the moon.
    * - Maps with more small isles / craters.
    * - Specializing mining / farming.
    * - Flying ships. Except transport ships there aren't many ships flying around. Neither in temperate zone neither on the moon or mars.
    * - I miss the scaffolds on monuments

    4. Future Anno Ideas
    - From this point we can finally reach for the stars explore and build cities on many distant planets and maybe encoutner the first alien factions, trade and why not even build alien cities. With a Millenium 3 Anno maybe. This was my dream for the last 15 years and I hope I can work on this project one day.
    - Another theme i'm thinking about is a fantasy one... with underwater cities and flying isles, I talked about a few years back. Again I have some cool ideas about it. Underwater cities might fit with Steampunk or a SciFi theme as well... Hard to choose from.
    - Steampunk and Industrial Revolution might also look interesting. Maybe one day we can build some railways as well in Anno, and create both railway and naval routes for trading purposes.
    - Ancient Egypt, Medieval Asia, Vikings...
    - There are thousands of ideas... I hope we can see them all!
    - Research.
    - Anno 1602-2070 economic system, trade routes, warehouse system, community system (area of control).
    * - Some ideas posted for 2205 could also be used for other games like resource specialization.

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    I would also second everything you have laid out here. Mars would take the game to a whole new level and would be very exciting to have implemented. Other planets I would agree with as well.
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    Just edited main post... feel free to re check it.
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    End game gameplay.

    - What if once reaching a certain level of our corporation and at certain population levels we unlock additional sector projects? I'm thinking about some large scale projects that will be done in more than 3 stages and that will take a lot of time, resources and modules (available via researching like in 2070). So once you reach a certain amount of population and other landmarks you should unlock additional sector projects on your maps (1M, 1,5M, 2M population, produce 1M energy world wide etc).
    - Quest should just start when a trade partneer (just like Trenchcoat from Anno 2070) come into the region and ask you to assist him in a personal project. He will trade you marble and lots of other construction materials in small quantities. But beware he won't be there long. He will have to move a lot so don't miss the opportunity to trade for the needed resources. Instead of cash he should ask for other resources instead. Cash should be fine too. The more you will trade with him the better the reputation, giving you more resources and unlocking other resources as well.
    - Conflict zones. Some resources should come from there.
    - Production. Last batch of the needed resources should be produced ofc. And you will need thousands!
    - Construction should be done in 3-5+ stages and should take a considerable amount of time and resources. For example you will have to wait several shippings from your trade partners just to finish one construction stage.
    - Finishing such monuments should unlock more ornaments: different trees, several puzzle types, perhaps even monorail puzzle. etc.
    - Perhaps add naval battles in sectors as well. Build a shipyard. Construct ships. Sometime instead of a trade partneer a bunch of pirates come by. Sometime both and you have to break the blocade in order to get to your trade partneer.

    Note on MARS: Terraforming should be carried into several stages.
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    satisfying needs of alien civilization sounds rather interesting. My personal favorite for an anno game is ancient Egypt, with temple for different deities requesting different resources...

    Sorry to rain over your (and others', apparently) parade, but I don't think Mars is a good expansion for Anno 2205 for two reasons: 1. this game is about moon mining not about space, as apparent by the inclusion of the arctic region, a main source of deuterium, to be combined with lunar helium 3. This story about human exploration is well told within an agreeable scope and level of 'realness', and I think it should stay that way. 2. Mars deserves a game of its own, possibly without earth at all. The paradox of the season pass model, is that the incentive for the developer to add significant premium unannounced content is relatively low, meaning that the developers will likely not do the Mars exploration concept justice.
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    Ofc Mars deserve a game on their own, very large at base... but until then why not set foot on Mars and settle our first colonies. Although I would like to build quite a large city as I stated before. If Mars will ever come in 2205 my wishes are:
    - To be treated as a 2nd faction just like Anno 2070 Tycoons and ECO's.
    - 3-4 Tier cities and perpahs more tiers on the previous ones as well... or mixed.
    - Monorails even as a puzzle piece... but lots of them and big ones too, with large curve tiles as well.
    - Large Scale Arcology or other projects.
    - Terraforming in stages.
    ... just as i wrote in my 1st post in detail. As for futuristic and alien cities and distant planets in our galaxyes... thats the subject of another game already. A very small hint on aliens in one of the further Anno DLCs would be much welcomed.

    Egypt might look interesting but tbh just Egyptian cities alone wouldn't be enough for me and perhaps for other players. Gameplay should be very similar to what we have on the Moon. I suggested this long ago... even before anno 2205 was announced. Boats can be replaced by land "vehicles". In this particular case, caravans. Probably the most interesting part would be if we will be able to build pyramids in the old classy stile from back in 2000 era games. Now that Anno 2205 opened new ways for the future, perhaps we can finally dream about an Anno World where we can build cities in different regions of the earth including Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Mayan, Asian... Gameplay wise each faction should be treated as a new faction and you should be able to start with any of the presented factions. Having multiple factionis will work like a charm especially if the game will use the same engine as 2205 althrough my wish is to get back to Anno 2070 mechanics...
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    I think we should without a doubt go to Mars and possibly other places in the solar system in 2205 there are multiple npc characters that mention taking over the solar system but no further, going out of our own solar system should be reserved for the next game and I have some cool ideas where that could lead I think.

    Maybe in the next game we have created space travel able to take us to distant star systems where we have our first encounter with an alien race (this race would be the other faction an advanced race with 4 levels of houses that you could unlock after doing missions for them)

    The player would start off by picking a planet to build there new homeworld on, they could also bring back combat like they had in 2070 in a game like this because space is a crazy place even if there were friendly aliens i'm sure there would be some not so friendly ones also.
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    Here are my two cents on a few issues:

    Cost of the buildings

    I have the impression, that houses and buildings are dirty cheap no matter what difficulty level. In previous titles you needed to set up quite a few logging camps or building modules production chains to sustain your needs. Here, with the extremely relaxed tempo of the game I find that I can live with one factory of basic building materials with no upgrades for most of the time. A single one, without any expansion modules, for all sectors of the same kind. Maybe in the very beginning you would need a couple of biopolymer factories (without modules), but when you start to hop from sector to sector, the time you spend there is more than enough for that single biopolymer/construct-o-bot/superalloy/titanium plating factory, supported by a single raw materials installation, to keep your storage filled to the brim with necessary stuff.

    I feel that the cost of the buildings in terms of building materials should be increased, probably tenfold. And buildings should require maintenance, i.e. as soon as they are built they should start to continuously consume some small fraction of further building materials for repairs and such. That would drive you to expand those nice factories and finally see the full beauty of them. If you want to build and maintain a megacity, you should need a strong building materials infrastructure in place, not just a single meagre factory.


    The new approach, where the overall output and consumption balance is instant and unchanging, made this game so unbelievably easy that its target audience has probably dropped to 6-10 year old kids, needing some attractive primer on the supply-demand concepts.

    I don't know what exactly both expansions of the season pass will bring us, but I would like to see at least some increase in complexity of the production and supply chains. I don't expect to see drastic changes of the general approach, of course, but… would it be possible to make it so, that production chains would require alternative raw materials or semi-products, for example, Product 1 OR Product 2, or EITHER Product 1 OR (Product 2 AND Product 3), etc., with different degrees of output efficiency for each choice? Different production chains competing for the same raw materials, so that we should make some challenging choices?

    For example, how about various amounts of water being required for most of the chains – in the Vineyards for productivity increase (consumption may be switched on/off), in the Luxury Food factories, in the mines, other factories, etc.

    Desalinated water could be substituted by water from melted Arctic ice, mined in the mining slots. And by water from those newly discovered inexhaustible ice deposits on the Moon? (C'm on, if you can beam energy from a stationary Moon spaceport to a stationary Earth spaceport with the Moon continuously orbiting around the Earth, then to find large deposits of frozen drinkable water in the depths of the Moon would be piece of cake. Much more believable.) And so on, along similar lines. Moon carrots could serve as a more or less efficient substitute for soya beans in the Luxury Meals chain, for example. In short, it would be nice to have more micromanagement challenge.

    Public buildings

    I realised that they create "craters" in the city skyline. While in previous Anno titles most of the public buildings were higher than residential buildings, at least the most important ones, with the Monuments absolutely dominating the urban landscape and creating the natural feeling of grandeur, in 2205 public buildings create sort of cavities in between the executive and investor buildings, which kind of diminishes their importance. But maybe it is just the matter of my city planning abilities.

    Fleet and crisis sectors

    Now, this part of the game is in such deep pile of trouble, that rescuing it requires some really dedicated effort.

    The navy size depends on the corp level/pop size, you can't really lose your navy (for the sake of those 6-10 year olds again?), you develop no attachment to it, in short – you just don't care.

    The separation of combat maps restricts you in one way, but also opens up so much potential in the spirit of the Anno franchise. Why not to let us, players, build our warships? Stage after stage, like big and small monuments? And only when we can afford them, not just to get them for free after reaching some arbitrary level. Wouldn't it be much much more interesting like this?

    And, usually, military fleets are very expensive. It should be a major drain of numerous resources and credits. We would start with small ships, then higher pop classes would allow us to build bigger and better ships, more of them, the research or accumulated XP would let us equip them with better guns, armour, evasion, aiming etc. Building of a Titan class capital ship would equal or surpass building of the Tech monument in 2070. It would consume tons of titan plating, superalloys, microchips, construct-o-bots, quantum computers, androids, etc. With the corresponding high maintenance cost so that this huge credit balance (yes, even on the so called "expert" level) would be put to some use.

    But then, if we manage to complete and equip it, it should become obvious that we finally turned the tide. It would one shot smaller Drake ships from across the battle map, like some Deathstar. And we should be able to name our ships (personal touch, very important!) and… run real risk to lose them on the battle map. So, that finally we would start caring about this part as well. No more magic full repairs in the crisis sectors, you see that the fight isn't going your way, get the hell outta there, crawl back to your home port to lick your wounds, major repairs only for a price in terms of materials and money and time in the docs, so that this bloody Rafferty bloke would finally shut up and find some use for his hands he talks about so much.

    Crisis missions should also be reworked in such a way that they would stop looking like a cheap mobile game and a cheat, but acquire a real purpose. As for the story, hypothetically, behind the scene, Drake's ships might be raiding the trade routes between sectors, causing us lose a certain percentage of the goods in transfer, the aggression varying according to the difficulty level. Maybe he could "seize" our transports from time to time and require ransom payments, which, if refused, would further restrict the transfer of goods to the point of cutting off some sector(s) entirely. Give Drake some real teeth, he sounds the coolest among all the other rather boringly superpositive and lifeless NPCs in the game, but even he is just a joke now. Some real threat would make us to react and deal with the raiders, provide us with an incentive to build, expand and improve our navy, launch operations against Orbital Watch and, if successful, that would make the sea and space lanes safer and decrease the losses in shipments. And thus the storage capacity would regain some meaning, healthy amounts of stored goods would help us to live through lean spells, while we're dealing with them baddies. And it is us, who must decide how much storage we need and can afford to have, the current corp level defined upper limits are just too arbitrary and too silly.

    In conclusion

    Seriously, Ubisoft Blue Byte, with all due respect for your work and past merits, get your stuff together as, unfortunately, you dropped the ball rather hard this time. I don't think I paid those 70 euro just for some shiny razzle-dazzle and a few sequins in my eyes. You may have stolen a couple of inches on me with the pretty graphics, I readily admit that, but I am not giving you the rest of a mile, not yet. Based on your previous titles, I expected decent content. So far, it is not there. No, it isn't. The idea and concept of Anno franchise is fascinating, please don’t ruin it with corporate greed, it does no good. The game with such a gameplay as it is now might be fit for a console release, but not for an exclusive (!) PC release. You got good payment for your product in advance from us, but, so far, delivered a quarter, a third part at the best, of what was paid for. In my opinion, as things are now, you owe us big time. Wildwater Bay is a nice small gesture, thank you for that, but this is far, far from enough.

    Best wishes and creative inspiration!
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    My thinking on this is people walk the moon in the 1960's, but not much has happen after that, but back on earth technology advanced forward fast, we would not have got to the moon if there was no Second World War and mobiles also came out of the last war, I know that sound bad but very true, some of the things we use to day came out of space experiments going to the moon and space station up there now. Anyway what I am saying from 2070 to 2205 I think they have got it right, civilization only advances when in danger, like energy resources running out on earth so we head for the moon to import our energy. To me the next step for Anno would be looking for a suitable planet that can sustain life, because our world is dying out with small amounts of drinking water and sea levels rising to become a water world, re here come 2403?
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    Originally Posted by SirDavidFirst Go to original post
    My thinking on this is people walk the moon in the 1960's, but not much has happen after that, but back on earth technology advanced forward fast, we would not have got to the moon if there was no Second World War and mobiles also came out of the last war, I know that sound bad but very true, some of the things we use to day came out of space experiments going to the moon and space station up there now. Anyway what I am saying from 2070 to 2205 I think they have got it right, civilization only advances when in danger, like energy resources running out on earth so we head for the moon to import our energy. To me the next step for Anno would be looking for a suitable planet that can sustain life, because our world is dying out with small amounts of drinking water and sea levels rising to become a water world, re here come 2403?
    I certainly hope they stay on the future path for Anno games for now, I think it would be cool to encounter our first alien race that can be unlocked as a build-able faction in the next game, the thought of building alien cities and meeting the demands for a race other then humans sounds really fun and interesting and I think that could add some cool new dynamics to the game as well as bring back old ones from 2070...maybe they could give us a randomized and/or set star map with planets to choose from, once a planet is picked it will zoom you down into the surface mode similar to what we have now in 2205 with the sector view, then we can pick the land/ islands or areas to build our human cities and then later could unlock the alien faction and start a new planet for them, gas giants and other planets could also be claimed as mining slots possibly?
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