they will never make an open beta

trouble starts with the preload-probs in the forum

i got the prob to find the preload in my Uplay too. After reading the News" in Uplay i found the notice to watch out in "my games" and press the "hidden"-button.

Tada, there it was.

Preload finished, but now i have to wait for the email to unlock. (i was in tec test and closed beta)

maybe you cant preload on 24th if you are not in closed beta before ?!?!

The mistakes now:
- no information for starttimes of the open beta
- no exact info about the (maybe) different times for the preload
- no info about an email you need to unlock the beta on 24th for closed beta testers (is this right?)

over all there are to much sites/apps you have to visit for pieces of informations. (Uplay, Forum, News, FAQs, Ubisoft Club, Subredit, and so on....)
its difficult to find out whats going on

edit: got the email. Invited to open beta.