After the pc version is failed for me(major BUGS) I finished the game on PS4 with my brother savefile...

Story: One of the WORST gameplot out of there boring,easy too easyt to forsee what gonna happening next, just defeat the enemy and hip hip hooooray happy ending there is no plot twist? the final battle was a joke we had to kill starrick like 4 time..until they used their head to remove the shroud from starrick body.. ohh and yeah a bad romance between henry and evie. The next ac game should try to skip romance.

characters: evie fry is a bad joke a typical ubisoft woman character with ugly face... its not a real assassin she never acted like a real assassin..just wanna be assassin. a real assassin should be more COLD like ac1 altair! while Jacob was acted more like a real assassin but stil... mr henry green was the WORST assassin in assassins creed game history! fact he is useless and ugly, irritating.

Graphics: Its not bad but not good like unity was I miss the shadow of sky example and better textures. I would gladly see the next ac game LESS cartoonish style.

Sound and music: Music is horrible in every aspect, the last good game ost in ac games was ac4, syndicate music its just don't fit for the game at all, while sounds is ok but evie fry, and henry voice is bad.

Gameplay: gameplay is bugs everywhere! missions is bad copy of GTA5 or RDR and its repetitive, tons of bugs,bad in every aspect, fighting system is a joke still ac1/ac2 have the best. The extra mission WW1 was horrible in every aspect.. setting,music everything! why WW? unity have WW2 and now WW1? I just hope world war seting assassins creed games not gonna release.