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    questions about 1.5 the new events

    love the game, fun to play. about the events i'm confused. because i didn't get the correct rewards. problem with internet connection.sometimes it says "retrieving data unable to connect check you internet connection" i don't know what was it. maybe the Facebook ?? no idea. to play those events i think 5-10 fuel is far enough. but in the game some events like collect ship parts ,jump events request 30 fuel..that's too much.....it makes the game unbalance...and about that gold boss events i beat it but guess what i didn't receive that 15x gold...nothing at all. all my fuels are wasted..plz can anyone make a instruction like what's the rule how to get the rewards in the game??in that 1.5 update says new events everyday..but i don't see it new everyday. i wanna play new events to get gold to unlock stage game...but now I'm out of gold.
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    1.5 help

    anyone can help??
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    Hi guest-5ntx04Xy! Please check that you have a stable Internet connection for the Events feature. Worry not though, I've forwarded this to the dev team. You get the rewards from an Event when its timer expired (which should be today in the case of the Gold Boss Weekend). Regarding the fuel costs for events, it's something that the design team is currently looking into, and they may consider to tweak them in the future.
    Let me know if you need more help. Thanks!
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    I am also having problems with the new events, whenever I go to enter events, the screen goes black and the game closes. Very annoying. I have tried to restart game and iPad but makes no difference. Please help
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    The team's currently on a patch to address that crash. It'll be released asap.
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