View Poll Results: Does using SLI in AC:Syndicate offer a performance improvement for you as advertised?

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  • Yes, SLI offers at least a 60-80% performance boost!

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  • No, SLI performs no better or even worse than a single-GPU setup

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  • I don't know; I'm not using SLI in this title or can't tell the difference either way.

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    It's pretty horrible, taking into account SLI was nicely implemented in Unity from the start. SLI performs worse than one single card, this is with "GameReady drivers" and patch. I'm running 980SLI and 4790k @4.5, and find it very disapointing.

    I urge you to spread the word, wherever you can, as this issue is not really making a splash, from what I have seen in Neogaf and Ubiforum. As for glitches, I've had one serious one when I upped PCSS to Ultra, everything else at max. Frames went to the gutter, and gpu usage started going from one card to the other leaving one with 0% for a moment and loading 100% on the other one and viceversa. Also the anisotropic filtering is either broken or nonexistant, and when you force it to x16 it introduces some aids inducing shimmer.

    On normal circumstances I'm getting barely 70% usage on both cards qith quite a few dips and variable framerate, settings being Ultra details, highest texture, High shadows, HBAO+ and MSAAx2 on 1080p. I would really like to increase AA to x4, I'll be trying ReShade in the meantime.

    As I've mentioned, it would be a good idea for us 2xconfig users speak up so as to not go unnoticed.
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    Mr_Shade's Avatar Senior Community Manager
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    Hi guys,

    The team are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it - it's possible that Nvidia will release driver updates to correct this, but in the mean time - please try using just one GPU for the game so you can play if that solution works for you.

    Please also report to Support - if you have not - since they can collate your hardware and send for investigation.
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    Not sure if referring to issue in general or just the PCSS bug. I do hope it means we will see a decent performance increase with reasonable usage to justify the purchase of our cards.
    This is not really acceptable for a AAA release.
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    Originally Posted by thair7391 Go to original post
    And MrSimples, I think they're clearly referring to the SLI scaling issues, not the PCSS bug. But the PCSS bug is clearly related to SLI which I hope they can address at the same time.
    Let's just cross our fingers and play the waiting game. I will not advance in the story with an inner feeling of framerate paranoia ruining the experience.
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    My version of the experience with SLI 970's

    Hi Ubisoft.

    I'm writing this text to show you all how disappointed I am. Let's start by an index of facts:

    1 - I had 1x AMD FX 4100 @ 4.6GHz & ONE GTX970, it ran @ 19 fps @ maxed out settings(but with only FXAA and PCSS non-ultra) @ 4k.

    2 - I've upgraded to AMD FX8320E @ 4.5GHz and added ANOTHER GTX970. It ran @ 22fps @ maxed out settings(but with only FXAA and PCSS non-ultra) @ 4k

    My configuration is more than capable of chewing any AAA titles @ 4K (COD 3 included), check it out:

    Asus Sabertooth Rev 2.0 990FX
    AMD FX 8320E @ 4.5GHz @ 1.4V
    Corsair H80i Watercooler
    2x Asus Strix 970 GTX OC 4GB each @ +175MHz on core @ +500MHz on memories, for a total of 1450MHz on core and 8GHz on memories(256GB/s memory bandwidth) without overvoltage.
    4x 1TB 7200RPM WD Blue drives
    1x Corsair RM750 Power supply(more than enough)
    1x Samsung 50" 4K UHD TV HDMI 2.0(YES 2.0)

    ================================================== =======


    Score on 3DMark:

    5.2K on FireStrike Ultra 4K(4K ready gaming PC is 5.5K says 3DMark developers)

    ================================================== =======

    Performance on Farcry 3:


    ================================================== =======

    Performance on Farcry 4:


    ================================================== =======

    Performance on Assassin's Creed Rogue:


    ================================================== =======

    Performance on Metro Last Light Redux:


    ================================================== =======

    Performance on GTA V:

    30 - 40 FPS @ EVEYTHING ON NO AA @ 4K

    ================================================== =======

    Performance on Witcher 3 Wild Hunt:


    ================================================== =======

    Performance on Shadows of Mordor:


    ================================================== =======

    Performance on Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain:


    ================================================== =======

    Performance on Tomb Raider:


    ================================================== =======

    Performance on Call Of Duty III Black Ops:

    55 - 60FPS @ EVERYTHING ON NO AA @4K

    ================================================== =======

    Hopes are ubisoft cares about their customers and fix this shameful issue...(same for Nvidia if this is their fault)


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    Originally Posted by thair7391 Go to original post
    Dimitri, thank you for the information. Obviously you are trying to run the game at 4K which is going to heavily impact performance, but based on the minimal gains you get in this game using SLI, it is clear that you are having a similar issue.

    Do you mind however, providing some of your results at 1080p for reference and clarity so that no one from Ubisoft tries to blame your performance on your resolution? Let us know what you are getting with one GPU and then with two enabled at 1080p. This will likely match the rest of us. Also, when you are at 4K, what patterns of usage do you notice on your GPU's? Obviously at 4K in a title with SLI properly implemented, both GPU's will be a CONSTANT 100% usage to maintain frame rates matching your refresh rate. I imagine that you are seeing less than 70% usage on each of your cards, yes.

    Please confirm this if you can so Ubisoft can see that we are all having identical issues with SLI and that it isn't just related to running at 4K. Thanks again for your information!
    Hey Taylor, thanks for the answer!

    I've just did what you said, but I've just prepared the 4K evidences(links below), the next reply(in a few secs) will contain the 1080p and single gpu evidences. In the meantime, analyze the 4K results....they're exactly what everyone else is reporting...gpus not fully used, UNLESS you are in game menus(pay attention to this, the GPU usage drops when it should RISE lol)...


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    Originally Posted by thair7391 Go to original post
    I definitely know what you mean about the paranoia... Even with the frame rate stable, you get this uncomfortable anxious feeling that looking in any direction will make it sink so you become conscious and start testing it and finding ways to make it lower etc which makes the experience less than enjoyable. With SLI we think "I have TWO cards!" and we have confidence that nothing is a match for our system. It would be nice to play the game and not have to think about performance at all... It does break immersion.
    I was going to write the exact same thing!! Just didn't want to make it too long, or seem like a paranoid, but you worded it fantastically and I myself couldn't have explained better. That's why when I play a new game, I usually test it thoroughly, look for any inconsistencies, actively search for places where my framerate will go down. This way when I play I can focus completely on the story and immersion.

    As for the SLI part, I think we both understand that even high end configurations like ours have a fleeting usability nowadays, but neither the time past nor the visuals justify a lower performance than Unity. And that's that.

    *Should add you on steam, you're one helluva honcho to have close by ;D
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    Originally Posted by th.dmtr Go to original post
    Hi Ubisoft.

    I'm writing this text to show you all how disappointed I am. Let's start by an index of facts:

    1 - I had 1x AMD FX 4100 @ 4.6GHz & ONE GTX970, it ran @ 19 fps @ maxed out settings(but with only FXAA and PCSS non-ultra) @ 4k.

    2 - I've upgraded to AMD FX8320E @ 4.5GHz and added ANOTHER GTX970. It ran @ 22fps @ maxed out settings(but with only FXAA and PCSS non-ultra) @ 4k

    Hey Dimitri,

    I'll probably give you a more detailed answer tomorrow, but it seems like you would be prone to some bottlenecking due to your cpu and Syndicates reliance on cpu. I'll check it out tomorrow to give you some usage numbers on mu 4790k.
    You can still bruteforce a lot of that power, but it won't be able to utilize all gpu resources.
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    Originally Posted by thair7391 Go to original post
    By the way, Mr_Shade, or all of Ubisoft in general:

    I would like to add that despite the fact I believe this has been a much better port overall compared to Unity, this one primary issue with the SLI support could REALLY be a golden opportunity for you to reach out not only to the minority of tech-centric SLI users like us out there but also the mass majority of PC users and gamers altogether that could see you addressing an issue early on and fixing it right away. There are minimal bugs this time around compared to Unity and if the one that remains is eliminated by a quick and concerned effort to address and patch the issue, it could really really restore faith in many of the people who have been bashing Ubisoft and the quality of their programming, beginning the much needed process of eliminating much of this nasty publicity that Unity created.

    Just because of Unity, everyone was WAITING this time around to laugh at the mess they anticipated this game to be.... months in advance, gaming sites prepared articles and posts anticipating and discussing the potential for Syndicate on the PC to be a disaster again with little expectation that it wouldn't be... Now that it's released and all eyes are scrutinizing the game and finding less bugs compared to last time, think about what it would do to your customer base to not only show them you've made a better game, but that you've promptly and seriously committed to fixing the SLI issue affecting a MINORITY of users.... This would create the appearance that Ubisoft cares again about its players and THAT my friends is a step not only in the right direction, but the PERFECT one.

    All said, I look forward to seeing you react to this and handle it quickly ..... Not just because I'd like to be able to use my second GPU, but because I want to see Ubisoft get a degree of the respect that it deserves for creating game worlds this beautiful.... I'll always be a fan of the series, even if just for the art. Unity was such a boring game to me, yet I loved playing every time because it was gorgeous! (AND because the SLI worked flawlessly and my system ran it all the up at 60 FPS! Here's hoping I can soon do the same with Syndicate) Good luck devs!
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    Originally Posted by thair7391 Go to original post
    I can second this; the new engine that this game is based on, Unity included, is TREMENDOUSLY CPU intensive. I would very rarely get dips in frame rate when playing Unity maxed out in SLI, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I got a dip in frame rate, my GPU's were running around 85% load and my CPU was hitting 100%!! This is an obvious example of how my CPU was affecting my frame rate when my graphics cards still had more performance to spare. I am running an i5-2500K still, clocked at 5.0 GHz and I think it is JUST enough to run this game. It is slightly less demanding on the CPU than Unity, most likely because of the reductions in NPC's and I think this is why the requirements were lowered slightly for Syndicate on the CPU. My CPU has not gone above 94-95% but it is at the CUSP of being too weak for this graphics engine. Things won't get better as the months go by and new games are released so I'll be getting Skylake if not in the next few months, then their "tock" release middle of next year. If a defrag were to schedule or a Windows update check occur during my gameplay in Syndicate, then I would probably start seeing dips in performance because of my CPU.
    I was on the same boat with you when UNITY first released. I used to have a i5 3570K OCed to 4.4Ghz. All cores were running on %100 while playing UNITY bottlenecking my 980 SLI setup. Honestly when the game released my i5 was already on auction to be sold on ebay. I upgraded to i7 4790K in a couple of days. The performance boost was around 20-30 FPS after upgrade. This game is really CPU intensive as you mentioned. It needs a i7 or similar for full performance
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