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    Looking fir Esports team.

    Whats up people! My name is undead and i am looking for a US Esports oriented R6S team. I've been playing R6 since ravenshield. I've got a'lot of time put into shooters of all kinds and i have A'lot of tactical and pro gaming exp.

    When i played the beta i was almost always top everything.

    So if anyone is interested hit me up on steam undeadsoldier90.

    Cant wait!!
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    Had to dig back to find you! vN is recruiting we'd love to see what you've got! Check out our post for more info on the group. We are extremely competitive, highly skilled, and deadly tactical. Drop the team speak when you can. See you in the Siege!

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    Hey there! If you still haven't found a team head on over to Radec's Finest. We will be practicing real SWAT/Special Forces tactics and executing real time strategies. We currently have a team-leader and a sniper. We need a shield, a pointman/entry, and someone who doesn't mind support if it's needed.
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