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    Really fed up with Asteroid Miner

    First let me post where I've got to:

    Stardust Galaxy: 41 Gemini XLI Theta
    Spiral-Nebula Galaxy: 24 Leo XXIV Delta
    Polar-Orbit Galaxy: 9 Aquarius IX Lambda


    • 8 - Water
    • 10 - Gold
    • 9 - Crystals
    • 6 - Minerals
    • 4 - Deuterium

    • 8 - Energy
    • 7 - Comet
    • 6 - Mining
    • 7 - Diamonds
    • 4 - Container

    I have made it this far and after pumping ~200 energy into each of the given galaxy areas up above, I'm giving up on this game. The difficulty of it is way way waaaaayyyy too much for an app game. Esspecially the stupid randomness it has. Went 60 energy in a row on one level because it could give me enough moves to kill the asteroid but not enough to get the 15 blue things at the bottom that are inaccessible.
    Here's a screenshot of the one that took the cake of me giving up on this game: https://i.imgur.com/BrorBuv.jpg [Took it with my webcam off my iphone]
    See where those green circles with the x in the middle? All those areas where you can't access by normal means? The game ran out of moves and deleted all the blues from it.

    No, I have not spent anything on this game, there's no point.
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    UbiBooma's Avatar Community Representative
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    Legendfluff, I'm sorry you're having this problem. Your best option right now is to explain this issue in as much detail to our support team. You can contact them by clicking the links in my signature. They are here to help.

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    So, I gave it a days rest and went back to it after the starting post...
    However now I'm at a point where I just invest all my energy into losing these things so many times over, that I can upgrade my drones.

    Stardust Galaxy: 54 Sagittarius LIV Delta
    Spiral-Nebula Galaxy: 43 Scorpio XLIII Epsilon
    Polar-Orbit Galaxy: 30 Scorpio XXX Epsilon
    Solar-Wind Galaxy: 23 Vigo XXIII Kappa

    • 13 - Water
    • 11 - Gold
    • 13 - Crystals
    • 13 - Minerals
    • 8 - Deuterium

    • 8 - Energy
    • 12 - Comet
    • 12 - Mining
    • 12 - Diamonds
    • 7 - Container

    In barely 15 days since my first post of this, I have gained quite a bit, mainly since I lose on the stardust galaxy gaining 5k credits for 7 energy. Then get a good bit of resources (100-200 for first 3 galaxies, while 50-80 on last per loss) to upgrade after a large number of losses.

    At this point, there's not really much left to play. You'd have to be spending or saving up tons of diamonds to even pass these levels. I have roughly 700 diamonds saved up from comets and will hopefully be brushing through many of those in the stardust galaxy since I won't have to deal with the gas pockets from Spiral, the random freezing of Polar and the volcanoes of Solar.

    In regards to UbiBooma: I go to the support website and "Anno 2205 - Asteroid Miner" doesn't exist anywhere on the site. So how can I get help on something that they don't even regard as existing?
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    Hi Legendfluff,

    If you go to support.ubi.com and log in, there will be a section at the top left of the screen called "My Questions." From there, click "Ask a Question" at the top of the page.

    Under Platform, select Mobile Games, and under Product select Anno 2205: Asteroid Miner. From there, fill in the remaining fields as is appropriate to your issue, and you will be able to submit the ticket.

    Please let us know if there are any more issues!
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    Originally Posted by UbiVertigo Go to original post
    Please let us know if there are any more issues!
    HAHAHA I got the best bug... currently uploading a video to show exactly what I have.

    Backstory: I completely bombed out a comet before it ended. (aka I used so many drones that it wiped the screen) Now it's forever stuck in a loop of trying to make a move exist before ending.
    It has 4 purples, 2 red, 1 red drone, 2 diamonds and 1 green drone on the screen. Because of the way you have the game, the 2 reds connecting to the red drone don't count as a possible move and positions of things don't move until the placements stop, so good job!

    Edit, here's the video:

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