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    WHy is this App game so hard

    Ok I bought the game now I want to play the app game but you want to charge me to play it. Greedy much UBI?

    The app game is too hard without paying money at least with King games I can get through them without paying money.

    Why is this app game not on facebook?

    The app game is totally boring and the only reason I play it is because doing the side quests and naval missions are also boring.

    I have been stuck at #8 Aries VIII Epsilon because I refuse to pay for a crappy app game that brings nothing new to a facebook app game that is not on facebook.

    You give me so many different types of colored gems along with 2 stage gas that turns into rock while having to create a direction explosion with a certain type of gem then you then need the same of to match which set the direction explosion to hit the nuke to blow up the diamonds to collect them while having to kill the bottom rocks to get the third diamond while also having to still kill the asteroid while having so many moves to do it in.

    Not even King games are that stupid having so many mechanics in one stage.
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    For the App I did not pay and still I got passed that level.
    Make sure you upgrade your gems in the workshop.

    Then use the blue or orange gems to form a long change.
    With the blue you get a vertical drone.
    Use that one to trigger the middle bom at the bottom and you already have 2 out of 3 diamonds you need.

    It is hard puzzling and you might need luck as well but it is possible to do.
    Sometimes I do not get it in one run, just try again and if it does not work in 5 runs go to another sector to do some asteroids in there that can be easier and upgrade your items in the workshop.
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    As soon as you learn how to tactically do something less favourable this very second, to line up a much more favourable move the next move, or the move after that ... then you'll not really feel much need for buying anything. The game pace does slow down incredibly once you're reaching the 8+ upgrade levels and the asteroid levels become more and more complex and relies more and more on luck. But even if you fail a level, you still get some resources (like 1/5th of what you get when you succeed), so you never hit a complete stop.

    Plus you got the daily comet and that other thing you can do for a steady, but small, amount of all goods. It's a classic case of "you can do it without spending any cash, it'll just be slow as heck!"
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