Hi Annoholics!

In this guide we want to give you a short info of how to connect the Asteroid Miner App with the main game and how to transfer resources.

Please feel free to download the game for FREE here:

App Store >> http://bit.ly/umg-ANAMas
Google Play >>

How to connect the App with the game:

Start the app, click on the council space station, on the top right side.

Please, go to the "Logistic" section and connect your app with the game. (Click on "Connect")

Log in with your uplay account. (Make sure it is the right account)

Transfer Asteroid Miner resources to Anno 2205:

Click on the "Transfer" button in the "Logistic" section.

The resources transfer will start immediately.

With completion of the transfer you can close the app and launch Anno 2205.

If you do this for the first time, you'll receive an Ubisoft Club reward with the next launch of the game.

Note: After a transfer is complete you'll get an audio confirmation with every launch of Anno 2205.