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    I have been tinkering a little bit around the industry chains so here are few to share with the ANNO community

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    Hello guys, after having Anno 2205 parked for a long time, with the release of Tundra I decided to get the game again. Now, updating them with the new Tundra features. I do not know at all how profitable will be the Tundra release (It makes you x2 production and x2 maintenance costs, but to that you have to add operative costs of that industry and shipping costs).

    So what industry is better? 2 Industries or 1 industry with Tundra building? If you have a lack of space of course, should be good to place Tundra Building, if not, Tundra Building will increase a lot your product cost.

    Let's see the differences:
    I choose this random product just for the example, so we will do this example with Bioresin. it require Biocatalysts, so let's get to work.

    We create one industry of Bioresin using my layout:

    The modules I add are 5 Energy Maintenance, so they need only 20 energy. Now, we produce 70 Bioresin. The maintenance are 400 credits.
    That means, for each Bioresin we have to spend 5,71 Credits. If do not add energy cost and logistics because it depends the power supply you are using and the distance of the logistic building.

    Let's see now what happens if we add the Biocatalysts:
    Biocatalysts as we know can be only produced on Tundra. I will assume you import energy from another region, so the modules I will addd are based all on Workforce Maintenance. So, a full upgraded Bioreactor produces you 40 Biocatalysts, but their maintenance is up to 1200 credits.
    To this, we have to add that they need Bioresin and Moss. So the costs will increase a lot.

    That means, is really a good feature to add biocatalysts to your production? To be honest, for me, it is not good to make it, the x2 production and x2 costs increase a lot your maintenance cost of anything you want to boost with them.

    Or am I missing something?
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    Hi, this is my layout, maybe someone like it.
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    thank you
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