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    New game ideas

    Idle like to start a thread for fan ideas for future games in this saga to start how about one from Japan it's name could be assassins creed black widow have a female monk have her family killed by Templars and enslaved then years later have her escape and form her own group of female Assassins called the black widows have new take downs from Japanese martial arts bring back dual hidden blades claw knuckles swords and a fan that has knives that can be thrown from it have gangs ruled by different factions fighting for control of Japan and her in the middle choose which gangs and groups to side with and have draw backs on decisions like other assassins sent after her all in I fight to avenge her honor and her family by killing the Templars responsible but make it huge like black flag have war battles ally assists and so on and be able to hire other girls as widows as she saves them
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    Next Assassin's Creed game

    Being that Ubisoft has come out with Assassin's Creed syndicate which is gang-related and is an awesome theme, I believe the next Assassin's Creed should be Assassin's Creed Gangs of New York. You already have the gang part down, but add some bigger wars, really hope u use my idea
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    Few ideas

    I would like a few games from Ubisoft.

    1. Ancient Egypt
    Wouldn't it be cool to have a game so far back? In this game you are one of the people that are building the pyramids. When the pharaoh comes out and everyone bows down, you accidentaly see how the king looks like and the guards take you away. You are locked away for a few minutes, but one person helps you escape. He tells you everything about the pharaoh and his desire to control people, he tells you that the pharaoh is a templar and no one knows. The pharaoh holds the peace of Edan, and you are the chosen one to take it. Of course, the guards declare the search and you need to be hidden, so the man teaches you how to do assassins stuff. After few years your training ends and you get your outfit. You are set to go and kill the pharaoh and retrieve the peace of Edan.
    The historic figure you would see would be one of the pharaohs. Which ever will be chosen. Maybe Cleopatra.
    Name suggestion: Assassin's Creed: Nile

    2. Roman Empire
    The historic figure would obviously be Augustus Ceaser, You live in a village of one of the countries that Rome invades during Augustus' rule. Augustus is like a templar holding a peace of Edan. You train yourself, and you make your own clothes, which hide you and you go for it to steal.
    Name suggestion: Assassin's Creed: Rome

    3. Grand Duchy of Lithuania
    Now this might be a really unpopular opinion, and not really memorable, but Lithuania was once a big country in 11th to 16th centuries. The game could take place in 1400-1450, somewhere around there with Vytautas The Great being alive and having Lithuania under his control. You serve him as an expert Assassin in the Battle of Grundwal, the battle between Teutonics(Germans) and Lithuanians with Poles. The Teutonics could be Templars, and you and your other assassin friends are fighting them in the battle. After the battle is over, Vytautas gets an unknown ring, as a piece of Edan and he wears it. Your father, who was an assassin teaches you about the templars and the ring. Then the time forwards to 1430, the time when Vytautas is about to be crowned a king, he gets drugged by Templars, who take the ring back. Then you go to battle and try to avenge Vytautas' death.
    The figure you meet: Vytautas The Great
    Name Suggestion: Assassin's Creed: Iron Wolf

    4. Russian Revolution
    I don't really know how this could work out. But you could try to kill the Tsar with Bolsheviks help, or help the Tsar, but at the end still fail?
    Historical Figure you meet: Lenin/Tsar
    Name Suggestion: Assassin's Creed: Rise of Red

    5. Japan
    As you mentioned, it would be pretty badass to have a game in Japan. Maybe you are ninja who is trained to be an assassin and stop the templars. Idk much about the history of Japan, but being a Ninja Assassin? I'm down for that.

    These are my ideas.
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    Assassin's Creed Dynasty

    I have had an idea on the next game being on the shougunate as shown in a documentary of Assassin's creed 4. The story's main protagonist is named Akatsuki Kojou, which is an alias after his father had migrated from India to Japan as his father was merchant and due to problems within the kingdom they've lived in. Akatsuki, has a special power which he named as 'The Phoenix Vision', similar to eagle vision but it makes the user's left iris red and has five characteristics in it. Each characteristic is unlocked after the user has experienced a tragic situation. After each phase is unlocked, if the user experiences more trauma, the 'Phoenix sense' or 'phase x' will be unlocked.

    The story starts with Akatsuki becoming a shogun to a fictional dynasty even though his parents are assassins. He wanted to maintain peace and order with his dynasty. One day, while escorting the prince of the dynasty, he backstabbed by a samurai of his group and his group kills the prince. He was going to get killed but due to the hidden blade being tied to his right forearm, he was able to kill the traitors and soon passed out. He experienced illusions of the ISU and woke up with a shock. He was lying on a futon hospitalised by a woman about his age. The woman told Akatsuki to call her Angeline. She explained to Akatsuki about the war between Assassins and Templars as she understood he might have assassin ancestory. She also tells him to go back to his dynasty and learn more about the truth about the dynasty's evils and conspiracies.

    After returning to the dynasty, he was shocked to learn that he was branded a criminal for killing the prince and his group and also learnt that the templars have completely fooled the ruler. Now, his main quest is about how he saves his family and kills the true traitors of the dynasty and rebuilds the brotherhood which had been destroyed in a riot along with establishing communications with other empires, removing the influence of templars, spreading the influence of assassins while maintaining his own love life as Akatsuki.
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