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    New map by BackPa: Mrtve hory

    This is very huge map and is difficult. Game mode is Extraction and this map is made for cooperation. Game time is about 30 minutes in coop. On this map are diferent places - for examle there is outpost, airport, destroyed base, belltower place,...

    As usualy, this map is very open - You can play this map several times and every time can have different experience.

    On picture bellow you can see main way to achieve end, but there are many side.
    On map are many weapons - autocross, GL, MG42,....

    I hope, you enjoy this map.

    Name: Mrtve hory
    Game mode: Extraction
    Difficulty: Hard
    Size: Full in editor possible size.

    Map on community web: "here"
    Map info in CZ and full-size screenshoot on my web

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    I've followed your work for quite some time and think you are one of the best map makers for PC. I'm afraid I couldn't play this one due to my tired old eyes...just too dark to see and enjoy. In no way am I suggesting you change anything. I did D/L it and changed the time of day so I could see what you had done and loved it. For me it's a shame for I like the dark/fog atmosphere with lighting effects. Just wanted you to know you had a fan and appreciate all you have done.

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    Originally, the map looks like video bottom, but in the end I decided on a different lighting, which I liked more. If you want, I have test version this map called: "map test far-cry.cz"
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    Added gameplay to first post.
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    Day version Mrtve hory

    Now is day version out! Name is same.

    On both version you can use Gyrocopters, Elephants, animals as weapon.....
    Map on community web: "here"
    Have fun!

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    Originally Posted by CZ-BackPa Go to original post
    Now is day version out! Name is same.
    Thank God. The night version was extreme hard, and I gave up on it, which I hate to do. Now that I can see where I'm going, and can appreciate the intricate design, I have a love/hate feeling for the map. I love the wide variety of landscapes, and building layouts, and the way the map makes great use of the limited space available to create a long, and sometimes tortuous journey to follow. The enemy count is just right. Hard, but balanced, with lots of vertical paths and plenty of cover. The hate part comes partly for the same reason. Because the map takes so long (Which is a good thing. I actually felt I was in a TC or a mod, or back in the Far Cry game itself), it cries out for a save or checkpoint. I just died falling off a cliff (near that mortar), after well over an hour playing this. I didn't relish going right back in to repeat what I had already done, but I will go back later for another try.

    One thing you might want to change in the day version. Because I could see everything, I stumbled upon the extraction point very early in the map, and momentarily forgetting it was an Extraction map (I play almost totally Outpost) walked right over it. Ooops. Not a big deal that early to start over. Nobody probably sees the grapple points in the night version, so it s not an issue there. I know I didn't see them. The next time I just ignored the extraction point, and went in a different direction entirely. It's just that the boat is pointed there as you probably interned the player to pick up a few more weapons and some ammo at that spot.

    I really, really like this map. I see you have created other maps and look forward to playing them as soon as I beat this one.
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    My point was created the most open map I ever made. I like open maps, when you can choose way to end. If player want, can go kill everyone on map or can kill no one.
    But there is one big problem with editor - there is no spawn depend on player location and it is on so big map problem. If there was all enemy spawn at same time, on map was big fps drop. So if you choose side-way, you can achieve end without kill anyone. This is reason, why are on map mortals - You can choose side-way, bombing enemies and have enemies on way before you. Sorry for my bad english, but i hope, you understand.
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    >>> there is no spawn depend on player location<<<

    Right. If they allowed saves and larger maps, many of us would be making Far Cry TCs, which, of course, would compete with their own games to come:-)
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