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    Got my Ninja report card today.....( F,F,F,F ) now for speed running class I got a big fat platinum star on my bike !
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    Originally Posted by bigbow62 Go to original post
    Got my Ninja report card today.....( F,F,F,F ) now for speed running class I got a big fat platinum star on my bike !
    But Old dogs can learn new tricks... so it's detention for you

    Finally passed Recovery Point by Confused Muscles! Was so happy, took 25minutes and change and about 225 faults but it has been a Joy grinding it for bronze. May have to wait a while before I go for Silver/Gold etc.

    Boss it's a great one to start off on as all obstacles are learnable and not OTT, it's just very long - hence the grind. One of my all time favourite ninja's though
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    If you guys wanna try your hand at a great, "beginner level ninja", I would warmly suggest "Beyond the Treetops". I think Muscles made it, might be wrong though. Nevertheless it's a great and easy track to get used to the simple ninja techniques
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    Originally Posted by Inquisitor_FIN Go to original post
    I could probably build a super-tutorial track for ninja techniques with each cp being a different one. Also with skippable cp's with the bumpers so anyone can choose which they wanna try or replay.
    Also not against firing up my editing software again for some ninja tutorials
    Hey Fin,

    Just wondering if you ever completed this track because I would love to have something like that to start figuring out those NJs?
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    This spreadsheet is a goldmine! I wish I had discovered it sooner. Thank you so much for putting all that effort in to write it!

    I hope I can contribute as well. I am actively maintaining a track list of all the Ninja tracks I managed to complete. It shows with how many faults I completed the runs, the time it took me, but probably most importantly in what exact order I managed to complete them.

    This doesn't mean that the tracks are ordered from easy-to-hard perse, but I guess it is indicative of what should be possible to complete. I mention a few other sources of where I found lists of Ninja tracks. Most helpful for me has been the list from StormPsychoz, who also does a recommendation of tracks and an order in which to complete them.

    Find the link of the spreadsheet below:
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