Hello Annoholics!

In the following lines we want to give you a little explanation to the camera modes icons and some other important UI icons.

camera modes-icons:

To see the camera modes you have to open the sub menu. Therefore you need to click on the icon, right next to the minimap

Now you should see the following icons, which we will explain below.

You can enable and disable the day and night cycle with this icon.

Manually switch between 4 day and night cycle steps. (sunrise, noon, sunset, night)

To start a camera flight around the map, press this button.

To start an alternate camera flight, feel free to use this one.

By pressing this button the camera will rotate on its own axis, providing a 360° view from you current location; click again to stop the animation.
To see Anno 2205 in its true glory activate the postcard view. The perfect tool to create a couple of awesome screenshots.

More icons:

To hide the minimap click on the globe, press again to re-activate it.

To easily choose your command ship press this button. Alternatively you can press the tab button. Pressing it twice (or Shift+Tab) will bring you directly to your ship.

Your employees need an upgrade! (Doctor Who pun intended) Just one simple click on this icon and you can promote them (without needing cyber-conversion)!

To activate an automatic promotion for your employees just click in the box before "Enable automatic promotion". Click again to reverse the process.

With one click on the filter icon you can adjust everything that should/ should not be shown on your minimap.