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    PS4 7 Bike 1 Track challenge

    A big thanks to Rishaan for delivering a great track for the first PS4 7b1t challenge.

    The results are in, the top 4 are

    1st xVidar45x
    2nd booped
    3rd PleikkaDude
    4th RidingMower

    Nice riding all who took part
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    We are always looking for 7 bike 1 track challenges, if any PS4 builders want to have a go building a track let me know.
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    Vidar45's Avatar Senior Member
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    Thanks for a great Track Rishaan and thanks for tallying up the score booped.

    I'm a little embarrassed with how much time I spent trying to beat some of the runs over the past seven weeks. That's part of the appeal of Trials though; just wish some of those runs came a little easier.
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    princessfran's Avatar Member
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    Only top 4?
    I'm afraid that you can copy/paste the result then each time with each competiton..
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