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    I have the same problem with the songs buffering and then I get server errors! I have a WII U.
    exact same problem!
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    Same here as well - platform XBox One, location Singapore.
    Most disappointing.

    Already raised a support ticket, but doubt there's much that the support team can do in the short term.
    Seems to be a backend infra issue - possibly overloaded, especially during weekends?
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    I also had this problem know but I'm using xbox one I think tis problems not only for Wii U users
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    Same problem here

    I tried buying 3 1 month unlimited codes for 2016.. none of them work. Firewall is off DMZ is on.

    Talked to UBI soft support who arrogantly told be the fault was with Xbox since I purchased the unlimted access through them... wow.

    FIX THIS NOW!!!!
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    Unlimited on Switch is not working


    I am also having some problems with it. I just cannot seem to get a song to play without it having to pause several times through. I assure you there is nothing wrong with my home network.
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    Same issues with Nintendo Switch

    I recently purchased JD 2018 for the Nintendo Switch and got the free 3 month trial of JD Unlimited... sadly I have not been able to play even one song all the way through because they continue to stop and "buffer" or "load" every 5-10 seconds, usually just crashing eventually and sending me back to the starting screen. I have even upgraded my internet to help with the issue if it's a lack of bandwidth, but I really think this is on Ubisoft's end. My internet will be completely free, as in I'm the only one using it, and I still can't get the Unlimited songs to play. If I had paid for this service I would be furious. As it stands, it still sucks I can't use it...
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    Songs buffer all the time and I as well get the server errors.

    Just dance unlimited songs pause and it says Ubisoft server not available at this time, even when I try to play them it’s frustrating.
    That’s why I don’t subscribe to just dance unlimited on my Xbox one because this issue has not been fixed yet.
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    Hey Josier628,

    Sorry to hear about your buffering issues on JDU.

    Please refrain from necro-ing old threads.

    If you are encountering issues that are similar and there is not a new thread about it, please create one.

    What platform are you encountering the buffering on?
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