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    [PS4] GUS2128 Update Tracks

    Hi guys track updated thanks for watching.

    I created a new tag all my new tracks will start with GUS.
    Track List from the new to the older:

    56.GUS Altitude
    55.GUS Hélim 5
    54.GUS STORM
    53.GUS Magmatique
    52.GUS Summit
    51.GUS Hunting Season 2
    50.GUS Top Chrono
    49.GUS Dark Water
    48.GUS Dream Pipes
    47.GUS Marécage
    46.GUS (((Tectonic 2)))
    45.GUS Blizzard
    44.GUS Mars First Colony
    43.HH17 GUS Unknown X
    42.GUS Black City
    41.GUS Space Mini Golf
    40.GUS Under Construction
    39.GUS Mechanic Garden
    38.GUS Crystaline
    37.FDC GUS Dirt Town
    36.GUS Nature Ride
    35.FCH GUS Land of Lucifer
    34.GUS Hunting Season
    33.GUS ToxicCave 2
    32.GUS Antarctica Gold
    31.GUS (((Tectonics))) EZ
    30.GUS (((Tectonics)))
    28.Ice Fabric Inc.
    27.Favelas Parkour
    26.Strange World
    23.Shadow Rift
    22.Botanic Romance
    21.Saphir Peak
    20.Emerald Forest
    19.Ruby Island
    18.Smog Valley [EZ]
    17.BCCH Frosty Halloween
    16.Haunted Cemetery FE
    15.HHWC Sacrifice
    14.Gnome's Village
    13.Toxic Cave
    12.Tropical Glacé
    11.Aquatic Adventure
    10.Desert Supercross G21
    09.Planet Eirilia [FULL] ou PART 1,2,3
    08.Dragon Heart
    07.Mountain Métal
    06.Mountain Métal Night Mode
    05.Mountain Métal Hard Mode
    04.Planet SUG1282
    03.Polarité Inversé
    01.Uncharted Trials (oldest)
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    Here new track enjoy.thanks

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    Eevan80's Avatar Member
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    Mar 2014
    Hey GUS! Really liked Your Baggie track Smog Valley and Ice Fabric Inc., nice lines on this ones, enjoyed them very much! So i was happy to see Alcatrialz appearing on the feed. Liked this one as well.. but i wondered a bit about this breakable window section tbh. I don't know if it's just the XB1 version, but eight out of ten times you can not go on in the track cause you get stuck on glass pieces, what is really frustrating when you try to speedrun. Really sad, cause it's a great track overall. Anyway, keep up the good work and i hope we'll get to see some more hard tracks from you.
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    @Eevan80 hi about the glass on my track Alcatrialz yes it happen on ps4 but not to many times maybe it depend on how fast you broke the glass i dont know..but sorry for this problem i got a 0 fault on my track...thanks for playing it.
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    jhop420's Avatar Senior Member
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    I played Alcatrialz last night and the track looks great. I don't usually like when the camera angle changes but you did a very good job transitioning between views. You also made the environment fun to explore around to find hidden rooms and stuff. I do agree with Eevan that the glass was frustrating to deal with, especially when trying to speed run. I would have spent more time on this track to get my time down to the 50-52 sec mark but I just lost to many good runs to the glass so I decided to move on after I got a 0 fault run. Overall I liked the track and I will be taking a look at all your other tracks very soon.

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    @jhop420 thanks yes i use a lot of custom camera because of the small area i dont want the biker camera pass trought wall..ya the glass was a problem sorry everyone for this...next time if i use glass will try to be more careful...
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    Nice tracks man, i like your decorations ! Keep it up
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    XXXSTEPH59XXX's Avatar Member
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    Jun 2014
    She is magnificent your track, you made a great job.
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    Hi everyone new tracks for all of you lol.

    GUS (((Tectonics))) EZ a Hard version also available.

    GUS Antarctica Gold
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    GUS Toxic Cave 2
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