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    Add info about achievements on game page

    I'm missing information about achievements on game overview page in both uplay client and web page. Yes, you can click on achievements link on the left side in client, but again, there's no information on how many achievements are there (you have to count them yourself). It's already done well with Actions, Rewards and Badges (after you click on the circle it will lead you to the respective page and there're numbers below each circle showing achieved/all). Just add 4th circle about achievements (with numbers below) besides those 3 and clicking on it will lead to achievements page.

    Also game web page, I couldn't find any info about achievements, it's simply missing or I just can't find it. That feature simply needs to exists.
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums Ogisha,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback. We appreciate it and we'll make sure to pass it on.
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    Didn't the old client show these numbers? I don't understand why they've taken it away, so I agree it should be back.
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    presento el mismo problema

    presento el mismo problema
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