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    Infinite drafting ?

    I crashed during draft and when i logged back in i was surprised to find that i could keep on selecting. I was happy.

    i did so until the 48 selection then on the 49....4 new heroes to choose from ?!?!?!?

    then when i select one, cause it's my only choice....the game gets into infinite loading for two minutes then give me no choice of cards, blank selection.

    when i go out and come back...4 new heroes to choose from..but always stuck to choose a new hero on my 49th selection.
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    tried it again today.

    it's even better. LOL

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    Just tried doing a whole selection again. Game did the same thing and this is what i come back to.

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    my 63 tournament tickets are waiting.

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    Have the same problem after disconnection during creating deck.

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    the same happens to me
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    Same here. that one hero is stuck & I keep getting Nec cards to pick no matter the hero.
    it also seems to be having an effect on other battles now also. I will get a option to see the crash dump. & game crashes some times now in Quick battles.
    Draft mode is not playable. but at least they know it now.
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    The same

    I've got the same problem after a crash. Really wanna fix it, because I wanna play drafts!!! Please, ubis, help us
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