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    Same as well. There being no way to exit/cancel/forfeit a draft entrance appears to be a major issue.

    I was hoping that when the servers went down for scheduled maintenance it would fix itself, but since that doesn't occur all that often it's not exactly the best solution.
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    infinite draft

    same here - infinite draft is a lil bit annoying so fix this damn issue asap dear UBISOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Post-update, and I'm still stuck in an infinite draft. If not even the servers going down can cancel the 'Pick A Card' portion of the draft....
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    same for me. seems they didnt fix the most crucial bug for draft Players...
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    Exactly the same here... 49 tickets waiting
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    Mass people have this problem. Can we get a fix or reset on our accounts and refund of tickets wasted. it keeps resetting and letting us pick over and over, also the hero doesn't go with the cards its all ****ed up.

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    The same problem. Answer us at least.
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    just adding another voice

    Same here. Fix when able please.
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    same problem;/ any solution?
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    To confirm that the problem has been there for more than two weeks now for me.

    Keeps on starting from pick a card and when selecting there is either hero or part of the deck ready ending up with 48 cards selected.. 49th being reselection of hero...
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