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    client reports: "Invalid UPlay Name" -> 'Unknown Error code: 3'

    When trying to logon to Uplay with the client I get "Invalid UPlay Name", since I copy&paste the name I'm pretty sure I didn't mistype my user name. + user name and password work with the uplay client that comes with Might&Magic VI + user name and password work when I logon to http://uplay.ubi.com + user name and password work here -> is this another one of those Uplay errors where it's reporting something like 'your password is wrong' but the issue is not you password but something on the server side?

    update: Now I get: 'Unknown Error code: 3'
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    Looks like a server issue, me and my friends get the same errors.
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    good to know I'm not the only one with this issue
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    Same error here...
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    I get the exact same error ,too ..
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    The same...
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    Server offline

    It's not an error.
    Server is Offline right now so we will not be able to login.
    btw. server Status is in upper right corner of the m&m launcher
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    Originally Posted by marquat Go to original post
    The same...
    invalid uplay name Might & Magic: Duel of Champions

    solutionpen uplay account, later , Go to the bottom of the page, use LEGACY USERNAME. copy and paste. finish.
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