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    Petition about Might and magic: Duel of Champions

    Dear Ubisoft!

    I write to you because of abandoning and closing amazing game, one of the best (and probably best) online CCG in the world. In December 2014 Ubisoft moved all game's development process from Quebec studio to BlueByte studio. BlueByte since January 2015 did NOTHING to the game, gave to community empty promises, completely ignored the community. And now they released "patch", which makes game fully unplayable because of bugs and crashes. And they made statement about ending of MMDoC development process.

    Dear Ubisoft, the game has a great potential and good community. Game's mechanics among other CCG is unique. Don't let the game die. Maybe moving game's development to other studio?

    Thanks. Best wishes. Voidstranger.
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    It was great game with amazing mechanics and wonderful gameplay. It was much stronger than others TCG, including Hearthstone.

    But broken economics and marketing kill the game.

    Do they sell alternative arts? No!
    Do they advertise the game? No! Where is cross marketing with Heroes 7?
    They even can't reset ladder during half year, and lose ammount of players on it!

    The M&M franchise decays fastly. Ubi loses TCG sector.

    Good job, Ubi. Good job, Blue Byte. Blizzard will thank you for your fails.
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    This game has by far the best Basis for a CCG to be popular.

    - In depth strategic decisions with a deep deckbuilding and tinkering ability
    - Now a draft mode, which will be fun for sure, if the bugs are fixed
    - Jackpot tournaments to compete for a big reward for free with great Players
    - An acceptable ladder
    - A fair free to Play model, however the economy Needs some fine Tuning
    - Great art
    - An amazing community
    - One of the most interesting universes to Play in
    - Unique gameplay which no other CCG has

    If only some resources and effort would be put in it could stand out easyly. Maybe not as popular as hearthstone because DoC is alot more complex but still create a big fanbase. So dont let it go ubisoft, and asign a proper Studio to develop to the game and not BB, which did literaly nothing in 10 months...
    Dont let this great opportunity go :/
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    I have been played MMDOC since the end of 2013 and I want to say it was one of the most interesting CCG of those that I have met. The deepest mechanics. The complex and unpredictable matches. A lot of unique ways to win. All the things that forced me coming back again and again. And of course, a huge number of new acquaintances and friends.
    I do not know the reasons for which it was decided to destroy such a wonderful game. It is possible that they really are exists and your studio is no longer capable of dealing with that project, we are ready to understand and accept. But we are not willing to put up with the death of the beloved game. Therefore, our common question - what we have to do to the copyright of the game could been transferred to another studio? If the issue is money - we are ready to announce a fundraiser with the help of special sites, for example Kiсkstarter to collect the necessary sum. Just call amount. Lets have a deal not like a players vs devs but like a serious partners. If we can do something else - just tell us and we'll do this.
    I hope I speak on behalf of the huge community.
    Best regards and waiting for the answer.
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    tal-elmar's Avatar Member
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    support this
    not sure it'd help, but why not
    DoC certainly deserves much better fate
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    i want to see this game live on. please give/sell/reattempt this game. its better than the rest.
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    I‘ve played hearthstone for 18 months and doc for two mongths. I must say doc is way better.i really dont want it die like this.
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    Make it open source and leave it to the competent community.
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    At least make the game playable. Just too many crashes since the draft patch.
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    Infernal_Wisdom's Avatar Senior Member
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    This game is a monster, and has potential to be "main" card game on e-sports platform.
    This is really best card game I ever played, With some proper investment this game could be on the top.
    This game is not dying because it is a bad game, this game is dying because people are forced to abondon it,
    poor in game economical choices, no advertisement, no official competition support, game is with full of bugs now and your BlueByte studio can't even fix those bugs, they are very inadequate to manage such game. This game is dying because of this.

    And I really think you Ubisoft, you are killing one of your best potentials of a generous income.
    Solve the problems I mentioned and you will see this game will rise from the ashes and beat hearthstone.
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