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    Well you know I feel Rude we talked today about it, but sorry gang it looks like Rude is set with his decision.... but he is welcome back anytime !

    Rude was a big part of the OTHG & he will be missed... Thank you my friend

    for 8 years of great Trialin memories buddy ❤ , it's still a very sad day 😔

    (Ok.... I will see you on Fallout tomorrow 😉 )

    Guess I'm losing a Trialing buddy but gaining a Fallout teammate ! 😎

    It's gaming after all OTHG'sters so as long as we make some friends & have

    some fun that's all we can ask for ! .....but in my case and I hope yours I've

    made some very good friends.... gaming brothers & sisters if you will ! ❤

    Yes I will still be OTHG leader and I hope the rest of you will stick around.....

    The New OTHG will be more of a all around gaming gang till UBLYNX fixes

    the damn game.....the pauses have gotta go and maybe a real DLC pack with

    40 - 50 tracks / skills games ! Then maybe this series we all love will turn

    around ! So if anyone has any fresh ideas please post them !

    I would like to do HLC's with all types of racing games so stick around there

    is still some fun to be had ! So please drop in my party anytime !

    The best thing to do right now since things are so slow is take the summer

    off & check back this fall and see what we can do with the New OTHG 😎

    Like I said if anyone has an idea about a full out everything racing OTHG

    please post or pop into my online parties anytime !

    I'm not going anywhere but I do think we all need a rest and then we'll see

    what the next step is for the OTHG RACING & GAMING 😎
    ( Still working on a title )

    So please keep safe everyone.......

    💙 💚 💛 💜 💟 🌎 💟 💜 💛 💚 💙

    See you in the fall...........
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    Stay safe and happy Rude
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    Yeah bud - stay safe and happy !
    I'm sure you'll be back

    No ideas yet boss man but I like the post!

    I have an ace combat styled custom I'm currently working on that I'd like you all to try out as soon as I finish set up.
    I'll be releasing as a test with a couple different set ups to see what you all prefer or for the fun of it.
    Has a new camera set up that should work better this time around.
    I also think I might've found a fix or workaround on my OTHG track for properly working replays.
    Should be good
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    Watch the 8 second replay after I finish!
    That's how I thought it should've showed on Track Central Leader Boards!
    I believe I may have found a way around this but without uploading to TC I would've never known!
    This is why there should be More Options to Test for Replays and stuff!
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    @Rude Take care pal

    @Boss No worries matey, I get what your saying 👍🏻

    @Blazin Nice vid pal, but I haven't a clue what was going on 😄

    @Roy Happy belated birthday matey 👍🏻

    Stay safe all xXx
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    @Jet, thanks a lot mate! ✌
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    @JetArtois Just Something Funny I Built to View the Editor!
    Thanks for checking out the video.

    -I've been getting more views on my New YouTube Account.
    Think I Even Got My First Subscriber

    @Trialers I should have a couple of new track/skillgames up in a couple weeks!
    Spent a lot of time building - Turning into Something Special!
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    So I'm Curious - What Colors Best Represents the OTHG ?
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    Grey and Gray. (Kidding)
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    I always thought blue suited us I like blue and black
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