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    Hi gang.

    Sorry it's been so long posting. Managed to get 6 weeks off work but back at it now.

    Sorry to hear of your losses Boss, Rude and Gerbs, stay strong brothers. xXx

    Howdy to MMM ( MadMotoMan )

    Hope your all as good as can be, stay safe all. X

    Boom, top of the page, Cruelty would be proud.....or jealous 😄
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    We made it gang it's our 8th anniversary !


    Hey Jet... so nice to have you back around mate 😆

    Yes it's June once again family and that only means one thing !

    💙 💜 💛 💚 HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY OTHG 💚 💛 💜 💙

    The anniversary tracks are rolling in as of yesterday a day before our month

    long OTHG celebration we had 7.... yes seven track in track central !

    A monster anniversary track pack from Roy ( God bless you mate ❤ )

    Also one from IZEZ P. & AM0RPHOUS they each dropped a sweet track on a

    track build..... both awesome train speed-runners BTW 😉

    I have a feeling it will be a great month of June for the OTHG !

    I'll be on a few times a week blasting the anniversary tracks and I would like

    to make Saturday night the big party night for the gang when we can all get

    together like the old days and grind out some tracks and have a few laughs

    It's been a wonderful 8 years ride so far & I know things have been slow the last

    few months and the game still has some problems to be sorted but we did

    finally get a leaderboard for every bike ( after 7 yrs of screaming our brains out )

    NOW WE NEED THE TEAMS BACK... are you listening UBISOFT ? It's time ! !

    Ok the plan is jump on track central when you can & party up with any

    OTHG'STER'S that are around and be ready for the big once a week Saturday

    night club house party ✌😎

    These last 8 years have been a big help to me because with my injuries I really

    can't out much so it's so nice having some good friends around that I can

    game and chat with ☺

    That first post 8 years I was just " looking for some Trials friends "

    Well I found much more than that.... alot of very good friends that feel like family

    to me ( be it a brother or sister ) & the best thing you guys and gals did for me

    was help me forget my medical problems for a few hours every day so thank

    you all from the bottom of my heart ❤

    The first 8 years have been awesome let's keep this OTHG train rolling 😎

    - Lots of love signed
    Dave ( Boss )

    I'm gonna try-n-roll out the OTHG 8th anniversary Hotrod from Big's Speed Shop

    this week so keep a look out for some photos on the Activity Feed !
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    Wow......the thread is dead 😔

    Let's hope we still have some members reading it .........


    Yes if anyone is around later tonight please drop in and run some of the

    sweet anniversary tracks with the gang ! It will be nice to have a bunch of

    the old gang griding tracks like the ole dayz when Trials was king !

    Let's party up and have some fun.......... FRIDAY NIGHT 😆

    See you in the club house OTHG'STERS ! ✌😎
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    Happy Anniversary Gang 🎉🎉

    @Boss Doubt I'll be partying up anytime soon I'm afraid pal. Never got a new controller so that my headset would work and I haven't renewed by Xbox Gold, first time not done it for bout 10 years I think. Hope your well pal x
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    I wasn't sure where to watch or participate in this but I went on TC and played the crap out of all of them. Good stuff.
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    Hey MMM I really enjoyed your skill game 👍 good job

    Hey Roy thanks for the track pack I haven’t ran them all yet

    Thanks also to ozy strait blazin and amorphous for the track too

    Hope everyone is well
    I do miss the old days

    Just can’t get myself motivated to join parties like I used too

    Keep on riding gang
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    Thanks Gerble72.
    I was about two weeks into that build when the request came for OTHG tracks and thought, "Hmm, I'm building a Golf skill game... that might fit the theme". Happy to have been a part of it even if it was in a weird way. ←Fits me though
    There are some great track under the OTHG8 tag & I Hope to see a couple more before the months end. Some really talented builder in this group.
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    The Netherlands
    Thanks Gerble, the tracks you haven't run yet will not run away 😉 you can play them when it fits you 👍
    I hope you are all well buddy!

    @MadMotoMan, i also hope we getting more OTHG8 builds before the end of the month.

    @All, i finaly received the custom xbox1 controller i won with the Redlynx Anniversary stream. So here is a Huge thanks to the Redlynx team. I am realy happy with my price and i like the collors a lot!

    Stay safe all you OTHGsters! ❤
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    It's the old Bossman.... & feeling older by the minute !

    2 Hospitals many tests.... & PAIN !

    That is what the last 24hrs has been for me !

    Also very rough... probably some of the worst pain I've had to deal with

    through my history of almost ( believe it or not ) 40 operations in over 40+

    years ! I might have taken a turn for the better this morning but won't know

    for sure till I see the doc. again tomorrow........ ( Fingers crossed )

    Then I hope I can join you all again for our 8th anniversary party month !

    Please gang.... I know we've kinda lost touch with or love for Trials.......

    UBISOFT are you listening..... please fix the in game pauses & look into

    bringing the in game TEAMS BACK ! The game needs help !

    We are not bailing out we are in for the long haul but when you take 5 years

    for an arcade game you expect it to run smooth but for the longest time

    we didn't have split tImes ( IN A RACING BASED GAME ? ? ? )

    ........& the in game middle of a run pauses still continue !

    I'm telling you if done right this will give this game the Kickstart it needs !

    We screamed for 8+ years ( ok mostly me for LB'S & TEAMS )

    Leaderboards for every bikes was a good start but now we need some team

    Competition, Challenges, events ( Daily , Weekly.... etc. ) very quick and that

    will get this Trials Train back on track... if not we could derail at any moment !

    Even if it costs a few bucks for the teams or another thing real DLC PACKS.....

    Forget those dinky 5 track packs we need the mega 40 - 50 DLC PACKS with
    Skillsgames,bikes ( real bikes ! & outfits ) & if done right I'd say real Trialers

    will gladly pay for that too..... but these mini track pks ( bought by paying for

    Acorns isn't right or at least give us a chance to win them with in game

    contracts & I'm not talking about the original Squirrel challenges !

    I mean on-going acorn challenges.... you want replay value here is another of

    many I've listed in this post...... We (OTHG) all love Trials and in the end we

    are just trying to help... thank you for many years of great arcade gameplay 😆

    Ok Trials family if everything goes ok at the doctors office tomorrow I should

    BB chatting , gaming & running with my Trials Family on Rising !

    ( & of course Rude some gaming with the King of The wastelands ✌😎 )

    Love you all but now I need some sleep..... I've had maybe 3 hrs since Thursday

    HAPPY OFFICIAL OTHG ANNIVERSARY ( close enough for old folks )

    The 12th - 15th what's the difference.......

    Also Shakeys Birthday is this week please reach out and tell him how much

    we all miss him 💖 Thank you !

    Please look for me online this week maybe even tomorrow for a bit.......

    Take care,be well , as always with lots of love from the old broken down......

    Bossman..... but getting ready for a epic comeback ✌😎

    Another mega post brought to you by the Bossman ( OTHG ) & pain meds 😉

    SEE YOU ALL IN THE CLUB HOUSE VERY SOON.............................

    ☆▪☆▪☆▪☆ 💙 💜 💛 💚 OTHG #8 💚 💛 💜 💙 ☆▪☆▪☆▪☆
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    Awesome thread you got here - great ideas and conversation!
    I think I'm ready to join the club if there's still room!
    Im currently 32 years of old and I love playing Trials I started out on Trials Hd!
    I actually bought my xbox 360 just to play trials after playing at a friends house who owned it - bought it shortly after it came out(never played pc games )
    I've built several tracks for HD and Evo 360 after that i fell off the editor -I had an accident with a giant mirror cutting my nerves and tendons in my left hand makes it harder to play games as i have nerve damage that is somewhat painful but mainly just feels weird all day.
    They told me I'd probably never be able to move my thumb again (thankfully they was wrong)
    Anyways I'm back to making some decent tracks for Trials Rising!
    I also would like to build a collection of some of the better track creators !
    I probably already run most of your HLC list without even knowing it so that should be know problem.
    I'm currently ranked in the top 1000 so i think I'm doing alright
    I'll check back here later - Thanks
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