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    Tried your track @nath got gold on it nice track 👍

    Also tried NovaDarkStorm track on the donkey got it down to 2 faults
    I was happy to see he added me as a challenge in the track 👍

    Ok time for another 1 run to finish track challenge from good old me lol

    Track name Stranger Things
    Created by Hardman 1975

    Please run it then post your time on here if you are taking part thanks

    My time 8:01 & 31 faults

    Good luck if you take part
    It’s not a wacky track by the way it’s nice to run

    Keep on riding gang
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    Hi all you OTHGsters, hope every body is doing ok.
    Thanks @Boss and Nath for the kind words. My airbrush art is keeping me busy at the moment. I got a few of assignments to paint lately.
    I am sorry @Boss for being less around at the moment. But i have some deadlines to make them.
    Your idea for another 7 bike track sounds good. I will like to make one again. 😁✌
    I try to make a start this weekend. I think i have nothing to do this Sunday.
    I will try to party up soon again.

    Have a good one today folks. 😎✌
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    @Gerbs, Great pick for a new challenge! I already grinded the track tho I think i had 13 faults with a time of like 5 mins. Really fun track And thanks for posting another challenge!
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    Hello all,

    My time for Stranger Things - 7.47, 26 faults. Good track, thanks Gerbs!

    @nath - another fantastic track, thank you very much. 👍

    Just catching up on the stuff on tc, Powdermonkeys Blade Runner track is something else, brilliant stuff.

    Have a good one all.
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    Thanks for all the comments for my latest track, watched all your replays and there are some great runs in there.

    @ Gerb - '05:29.884' with 14 faults on 'Stranger things', nice challenge was going good until I hit the two rooftop extractor pipes towards the end part of the track.

    @ Cal - Trolled by the snow haha! That was the camera splatter effect.

    With only two weeks to build a Halloween track, I'm not sure I'm going to make it but can only try.
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    Derbyshire, England.
    KN, very nice track. I loved the line and it was very nicely made. Didn't see Kurt Russel though. I thought 30-40 second, well made, speed running tracks were a dieing art, but they do still exist. As yours, K8's and ramchandra's tracks testify. It's a shame, all those builders that were going to come back...Maybe one day when TC is respectable and user friendly.

    Pete, yeah I like PowderMonkey's stuff.

    Gerb, I tried Stranger Things but got annoyed on one CP (very dodgy CP's by the way) and quit lol.Was about 5 mins into the track. It wasn't a bad track though.

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    Bring back the HD & EVO HLC's !


    I'm having a OTHG open clubhouse party Thursday & Friday ...... would like

    some input from my fellow OTHG'sters about running weekly HLC's again !

    We need them back in some form..... because for many years we could always

    count on the HLC's..... so I say let's get them rolling again !

    So please drop in.... because I value ur input & miss the company & parties 😉

    Still hitting fallout 76.... I was on this side quest to locate & destroy this giant

    3 star legendy Sheepsquatch and was heading out to fight this thing and as I'm

    getting ready half the players on the server show up and now I'm ( we ) are

    fighting a horde of high level AI plus this 15 foot tall mechanical Sheepsquatch

    Holy sh#t did we get wrecked.... I was put down at least 5 times , got saved by

    other players 2 or 3 times and players were busted up all over the place.

    I went through 15 stimpacks 😂😁😀 mission = FAIL

    I would of had a much better chance on my own because once all of those

    100 - 200+ level players showed up the AI ramped up the difficulty 😞

    I will try it again but damn that was rough.... good thing it's only a side quest !

    Very cool mission and only a side missions that I bet I had 10 hours plus into

    & still have another part..... now I'm wondering if I did them in the wrong order !

    So after I finish this I'm gonna take some time off before the human MPC FREE

    update at the end of November. ( There is a week long Halloween update

    coming the 29th ) Plus I've found all kinds of new spawning locations......

    New but dead settlers with notes for side quests, civil war outfits,crashed

    satellites and bombs you need to defuse ..... cool stuff I think they are slowly

    bringing in the human MPC's ( settlers, raiders... factions ) for the Nov. Update !

    Ok no more Fallout till next time 😉

    Maybe just abit more.....

    I'm really running out of things to do.... it would be nice to have a few

    teammates... but I'd hate to go out of the gang to find some !

    This game is really setup for a 2 - 4 person team... plus it's more fun roaming

    the map with a team.... maybe the update will make it more like Fallout 4 ?

    I hope so.... so if anyone has been thinking about FO76 now is the perfect

    time with the new MPC update,new Main quest line....etc. 😆

    I will be around please stop in... especially my co-leaders for so HLC talk !

    Thank you.... have a great week OTHG'STERS 😎
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    Hi, all.

    Hi, Boss. Despite TC's numerous headaches and not many building, I say GO FOR IT!

    I realise I'm taking a back seat with parties, gaming etc, but HLC's keep the group together. My two pence.

    Horrorthon film 16: Phenomena (4K scan) (1985) (9/10). Enjoyable Giallo (Italian Horror/Thriller) from Dario Argento. Features a young Jennifer Connelly, an always reliable Donald Pleasence, and a razor wielding Chimpanzee. Some cool kills, film looks quite beautiful at times and the soundtrack was cool. Even tapping my feet to an Iron Maiden tune....briefly.....

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    Hi all. Sorry I’ve not been posting this last few weeks. Going through some personal Sh1t atm

    On to business.

    @Nath. Excellent new track mate. Definitely one of your best all round tracks imo. Driving Line/Decor/Theme.. You nailed it bro.

    @Nova. Same applies as above. Brilliant made all round tracks. I’m surely looking forward to playing them.

    And my track. LOL. It’s built and ready to release. It has been for the last month more or less. I’ll get on it once things are looking up at my end.

    Hope all are well. KTF @Rude. x

    Speak soon gang.

    GrandPa Morfy. .
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    @Morfy, After awesome tracks from Nath and Nova, having a new Morfy track would just be icing on the cake! Looking forward to it
    @All, hope everyone is having an awesome day/night! Rainy and grey here, but at least its cool (mid to low 70s, yes please!). Perfect day do some Trialing Ive also been playing a Platform/Beat Em Up/JRPG called 'Indivisible', and 'Yookah Laylee and the Impossible Lair'. Both are really awesome! And id be down for weekly HLCs, but no.access to HD or Evo so itd have to be Fusion or Rising. Anyways, take it folks (p.s. still looking forward to the N1L8 vs. OtHG)
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