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    Last Glimmer of Hope

    I notice that there are a lot of players willing to be part of an open source version of MMDOC or part of a new ccg game.

    So i was thinking.. there are 100 games bases on MTG. Hex is very similar to mtg.. So, why not one game based on Duel of Champions?

    I don't believe someone can do such a big project alone.. But a lot of people together can make it work.

    What is extremely necessary:

    Art designer
    As many beta testers as possible
    Same chat program for all the users, forum etc

    I don't have any coding experience but i can help as a Beta tester

    I am sure there are people out there with more knowledge to offer. So.. feel free to type your thoughts if you are willing to help..
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    My coding skills are old and probably not useful anymore. Beta test I would.

    I am also a decent project manager if that is required. Road maps, overarching plans, structural break downs and that sort of things I could probably help with.

    I am unsure how much time I could put into this kind of project, but what I have I would offer willingly.

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    Id be willing to take Charge of Game design and balancing. Also i would help with the funding.
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    The main reason why such projects fail is: Management. I've seen many good projects die just because of mismanagement or "bored" leaders.

    A good project manager is the first thing that is required, than coders, art designers and so on.

    However, a CCG based on DoC would be very nice thing to have.
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    Unfortunately, I'm also just another mere Beta tester candidate. But I like this sort of productive response to bad news. Keep it up! I'll be following developments on this.
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    coloss3070's Avatar Member
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    Sep 2015
    Graphic and web designer here. Potential beta tester as an ex competive TCG player.
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    That would be so nice. What's really great with DoC is the core gameplay, and this can be copied without fear of lawsuits.

    My 2 cents:
    - don't do a team too big when it comes to coding and game design. It's already hard to coordinate this in a professional environment - confusion and ego problems is a big risk factor there
    - someone should take the lead and have the last call on everything (helps with the point above)
    - technically keep it simple, no need for music or animations - just a grid with images, HTML+JS would be good enough. Also using isomorphic JS on client and backend would save time.
    - start from scratch, don't risk copyrights issues with the M&M franchise, their art or names or exact card stats. No need of their buggy code base.
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    Referencing ygopro might be easy. The cards themselves can be scripted by LuaEditor and all we need is a lobby interface, duel interface and a server that supports online matchmaking.
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    Composer from music academy, and art designer here
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    karlHz_ i've read your messege. First of all we have to find a common chat room so we can talk all together at the same time.

    I have some ideas for the gameplay. I don't want it to be an exact copy of DoC. I want to be something fresh but based on DoC. We can discuss this.

    Also, if anyone can help with coding, it can be really helpfull. I'll wait a few more days if anyone else wants to help, EnlightenedOwl.maybe? and then we'll see.
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