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    Draft Mode Deployment, and the Future

    Hello Champions.

    A lot of you have asked about the future of Might & Magic Duel of Champions and we would like to take the opportunity to shed some light on the current situation.

    Duel of Champions will not be receiving any additional updates after the Draft Mode. We know that this is not what many of you were hoping for. However, this does not represent the end of the game. It will remain fully available on PC and receive regular service maintenances. As long as we have a sufficient community of active fans you will be able to continue playing Might & Magic Duel of Champions. The Community Team will also continue to support you in our forums and service portals. All communication channels will remain open for active discussions, questions and help requests.

    The new Draft Mode Update will arrive tomorrow, bringing with it the new Draft Mode, 12 new card backs, updated card FX, as well as a multitude of bug fixes. You can read all about what else is included in the patch notes.

    Dedicated fans such as you have actively helped us evolve this game and we would like to thank you for your support. As a sign of our appreciation, all of you will be able to use this code in the “Redeem Code” section of the shop that contains fancy package for you:


    We hope to have clarified the status quo of the game and if you have any questions, we will happily answer them.

    To facilitate the deployment of the new version there will be the following maintenance tomorrow:

    • What: Deployment Version maintenance
    • Date: Tuesday, 14th of October
    • Time: Approx. 08:00 CEST
    • Game: Temporarily Offline
    • Effects: Users will be unable to log into the client

    We will keep you informed on our regular social media channels as to the progress of this deployment.

    Your Might and Magic Duel of Champions Team
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    "Duel of Champions will not be receiving any additional updates after the Draft Mode. We know that this is not what many of you were hoping for. "
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    Well, I had some good fun with the game. Thanks for this time.

    I have to say I am really disappointed, though. In essence a game like this dies if there are no prospects for new card updates. All CCG has to evolve or it becomes stale.

    For me, this probably means the end in this game. I will be playing some drafts when that comes out but I will be looking for something new.

    So, to all the people in the community who helped out - thanks, you've been great.

    For all the people who said the game was heading for its end date - you were right. I had hopes. Now, I have certainty...

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    Well at least you didn't keep stringing us along... Oh wait, ToR was supposed to be a quick-and-dirty newbie-friendly overhaul and nothing more, something to tide us along till the next, REAL update. With that never happening, the game is finally, officially dead, no matter what you claim. Current meta is unbalanced, unfun, and extremely stale, considering ToR had little to no impact on the top decks played.
    I can't even remember the last time I was excited by something DoC-related, that's how long we've been waiting for something, no ANYTHING new. This is a HUGE disappointment. Shame on BlueByte, instead of reinvigorating DoC they milked all they could and more out of it, then abandoned it to die. They don't even have the decency to discontinue selling seals. I pity any and all fools who still play this mutilated, desecrated, violated, abused zombie BB turned DoC into.
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    It's a high time to say: the last one turns off the lights.
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    THX for code,

    I hope, i Really hope that Ubisoft will think, think, think again and change its decision.
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    Future of DoC...

    "However, this does not represent the end of the game"

    So, that means that u are going to hold the game for some more months or +- a year

    Any chance to give the game to an other studio? Are we going to enjoy this game for more than some months or a year? Any enlightment about the not so close future of the game?
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    I'm really, really sad
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    Sorry for asking, but did BlueByte actually develop anything? What have all the developers of BB done? And why still no mmdoc is not on BB site?
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    No updates = no ccg, simple as that.

    The way you're delivering this news, disguised in draft mode announcement, is just shameful.
    This game deserved so much more than BB.
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