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    Rayman 2 and 3 not working

    Hi, I just bought rayman 2 and 3 off of the uplay store yet I can't get them to load (on windows 10). For Rayman 2 I changed the stuff in the stuff in the ubi.ini file yet I still get a error message called "DirectX6 setup error" and below it reads "Display initialisation error : could not find any resolution Driver : display Device : Direct3D HAL Please run install." For Rayman 3 I enabled DirectPlay and added in the missing ubi.ini file but when I try to load the game it just flashes white for a split second then closes. Do you happen to know any fixes for these?
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    For Rayman 2, did you try to see if nGlide works? You can also check the speedrun setup guide as it lists some fixes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13W1...jhXozIKfm/view
    Regarding Rayman 3, what do you mean you added a missing ubi.ini file? The only reason you should need to edit it for that game is if there are graphical issues. Just to verify, did you run the game setup first? If you did and it still doesn't work, try running as admin.
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    Under the Rayman 3 troubleshooting section you put in this part:
    "- The game won't launch!
    The most likely reason is that the ubi.ini file wasn't created during installation. To do so yourself I would recommend creating a file on both of the locations and in the file write:
    (all the config stuff was here, not adding it cause I don't want this reply to be huge lol)"
    And the ubi.ini file wasn't created in my Rayman 3 folder so I assumed I had to add that in. And yes I did run the set up and the game still didn't work. Running it as admin still didn't help either
    As for Rayman 2, I'm currently following the guide you linked. When I try to load the GXSetup window to configure settings like it says all the options are blank and it shows an image of a robo-pirate with a ? over it's face in the corner of the window. Also this may be a dumb question, but I just wanted to make sure if the Rayman 2 graphics fix is safe or not. When I try to run the installer windows gives me a warning and tries to prevent me from running it and I wanna make sure I'm not screwing up my computer by running it lol
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    Update: Rayman 3 works now! I didn't even do anything and now I can load it just fine, strange. Still having some issue with 2 I can't seem to find out though
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    I'm glad Rayman 3 works now!
    Regarding R2, the fix is safe yes. RibShark, who is a well-known member in the community made it. It essentially replaces the nGlide wrapper with the better DgVoodoo one, which solves a lot of issues in the game.
    Regarding the setup being blank, you can use the Rayman Control Panel instead then which will do the same thing.
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