Hello i found few of bugs. All found in free game (not campaign).

1) Cannot take castle. When i beat castle guards include opponent hero army then battle ends, but castle is not mine but still opponent PC, tried x times in row and never get the castle.
2) Sometimes game crash when last AI play. This corrupt last saved game.
3) Cannot split army when i have talent in leadership which allows me to have 9 positions

1) When switching artefacts then stats on hero are displayed incorectly
2) Sometimes buildings are automatically destroyed but town level is not decreased and when i build them again town level is inceased. I achieved level 43 in my Sylvan town, when game destroyed my thieves guild 3 times, 4 times again and again
3) When i beat player opponent in battle then his xp are deceased but operator before xp is "+-" and progress bar overflow to end of screen.