Im playing on Win 8.1 x64 (and x64 version of game 1.1), 4 core Intel, 3,6 GHz, 12GB ram, GeForce GTX760

- large number of caravans crashes game (safe for me is 2, I tried to order caravan from about 4 cities which in every case lead to caboom error and game shut down
- game crashes on random after long playtime (something like 4-8 hours)
- sometimes in combat mode when your creatures are ready to make a move/attack but in like 10 seconds it insta skips to next creature and you lose action with that creature (not due morale or wait command, it just shows that you can turn, but it instaskip to next one)
- if you wait (in combat mode) with some fast creature (Vampires, Spirites) and move at end of your round, you cant move further your next round, you can only move back

- not sure if intention or not, but my Necro heroin in 3rd campaing couldnt use Hallowed set shield (celestial shiel I think.. gives negative morale to enemy if you have positive),
also that shield was laying around (top left part of map), no chest, just laying on ground.
- 3rd mission again, when you finally reach Angel reliquiary, above that access road where you need to destroy bridges is chest with artefact, but it just says "minor afrtefact" and has red texture instead of any picture of artefact and no name, didnt try to pick it up
- had some mobs (ghost, skeletons) in city, moved hero inside city (like if you want to merge armies) and they got it seems auto-upgraded to banshees and better skeletons and merged with my army (or disappeared, dunno which.. but I think it was auto-upgrade) shouldnt happen any way either
- 3rd mission for Necro again, enemy hero went to shelter and stayed there for rest of the game (probably cause I took every town they had), thats supposed to happen?
- I got summon ship spell in 1st Dungeon campaing map, but it didnt work at all there (probably intention, but who knows)
- teleport spell either is very picky on who it works, but so far it didnt work for me

I will edit and add more if I remember something or find something else..