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    Game crashes during Sylvan 2 Mission

    I've been playing for a while but now I'm stuck here.
    The game always crashes shortly after I hit the turn end button. The enemy moves a few heroes and then the game crashes.
    I hope I can get help here, because it's not possible to open a support ticket (Due to Covid-19 only live-chat is available ---- few lines further down: Begin Chat*-Button and then *Live chat is not available ---- yay........)

    I also tried reloading older savegames from a few turns before, but the game always crashes here.
    All the autosaves have now been overwritten... I'm playin this very frustrating mission now since 3 days... And I don't want to restart again now... I might have a chance to win this time, however small that may be...

    I uploaded the game logs, msinfo, dxdiag and the savegame to my website: https://www.digioso.org/mmh7Logs.zip
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    Help would be much appreciated - or a (working) walkthrough for this mission...
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    I tried loading an older savegame from the same mision. But the game crashes after a couple of turns as well now.
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