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    Holy ****, after reading all of this and the conversation about a logical refund because you did not get what you order is just mind blowing :O

    How can people that work for Ubisoft sleep at night lol! This is just rude, theft, and does not belong in 2015 and especially not in the US and EU.

    If i were you guys, i would check out the US law and EU law despite what country you from, there is a law for this that you can ask a refund for this. You have not asked for digital download, you order the "Physical" things, you can not refund a digital product at Ubisoft, and that is probably the reason they "Say(lie)" it is a digital download only so you CANNOT refund it. I hope you have screenshot from the Heroes 7 collecters edition with the included items. You should add all this proof and say it is all physical promised, you will be able to refund everything because its physical.

    Do not believe Ubisoft on this, and do NOT accept a digital download or you're screwed with a no refund policy.

    Good luck guys
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    Fysieke inhoud
    De volledige Might & Magic Heroes VII game.
    Een exclusieve Collector’s Box om jouw figurine te tonen op een imposant diorama.
    Een 26cm hoge figurine van Yvan die trots poseert na een briljante overwinning op het ****veld.
    Een Art Book van 96 pagina’s met alle facties, heroes, artwork en concept art.
    2 lithografieŽn.
    Een volledig aangepaste tarotkaartgame.
    De officiŽle game soundtrack.

    I just copied this from the info for collecters edition in Dutch ubisoft online store it says :

    Physical <--

    Full heroes of might and magic game
    official soundtrack
    (and the rest what you guys have)

    Digitale inhoud
    Een exclusieve toegangscode tot een nieuwe Hero, Solmyr.
    Een extra scenario-map.


    Accescode to new hero
    Extra scenario

    Conclusion : You have the right of a refund.
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    @JustMark81: It seems USA and EU has separate CE releases and people here from USA are basically complaining that they were under the impression that the physical Game and Soundtrack CD would also be in the their edition when they preordered from the US store. You can even find several unboxing videos on YouTube from USA were people get confused, looking for the Game DVD and Soundtrack CD in the box.

    Hopefully the guys waiting for a reply from support will have some news about the situation.
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    Has anyone bought the Collector's Edition from amazon UK? If so, does it suffer from the same issue or does it comes in a complete form, with DVDs included?
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    customer service??? not at Ubisoft!

    Same story for me...game download only I've been told by Ubi. I guess a refund is my next battle...although I do plan on talking to a lawyer friend of mine. Paying for one thing then told I have to settle for something else doesn't sound legal to me. The fact that that they are now trying to cover it up by changing photos and the description says to me that they know they are in the wrong.
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    Look at your invoice for what is DLC and Boxed

    Originally Posted by Tao-Linn Go to original post
    I also received my collector's box without game-discs or soundtrack. It wasn't even sealed in the shipping box. When i called support the guy on the line was surprised and sent my situation up the line. i'm now waiting to hear back. As someone who works in customer service, I highly recommend you putting in a ticket as well, the more people who do, the faster all of us will get taken care of as it will be more recognized as a legitimate problem and not just a hoax.

    however, i personally do not even have it available to download on uplay, so i envy you blackdragon.
    If you check your invoice for the collectors edition it clearly shows what is downloadable and what is boxed. Mine clearly states the game itself is boxed and the others are downloadable. So Ubisoft is clearly wrong and I'm still deciding if to dispute the charge with my bank since I didn't receive the correct shipment. It appears that Kennesaw dropped the ball. I have screen shots of all this.

    Been waiting over an hour for my ticket to be resolved with a downloadable something - they got paid on the 29th and still no games or soundtrack. They should put back my money till I get my physical games since it states on the website and emails they wont charge you until the game ships.
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    I talked to customer support on the phone today after many, many tickets..at first they said they have a 'no digital content return policy' and I pointed out that I didnt purchase digital content, I purchased physical, and you guys changed the description after I pre ordered. Then he asks me if I opened the game...I'm like..hello? the game wasn't in there thats the problem. I opened the lid of the box to see if my items were in there. They were not. And he goes oooh well thats a problem, you opened it and we have a 'no returns on opened games' policy. I am nearly speechless by this point. How do you know theres a problem if you dont open it to see the problem?? I told him it wasn't shrink wrapped, it was just in there with bubble packing. I opened the lid then put it back when I saw items missing. It is EXACTLY as it shipped to me...and was told "yeah I know, theres no way to tell you opened it, but we have you recorded as admitting to opening it to check the contents a few minutes ago, so theres nothing we can do." W. T. F. Then he checked with the uplay shop guru and he confirmed that yep, I'm boned. Not going to get physical discs, and they won't refund me either. I am so beyond mad at this point that I almost dont even want the game anymore period. I will definitely never, ever purchase from the uplay store again. Amazon or Best Buy or something from now on. So if anyone is thinking of talking to support about a refund, dont admit to opening the box at all, they trick you with that and weasel out of it.
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    That is insane relair13. I have been going through the same BS but have not called. I have been working through my ticket, which is long. Now I get the short reply of.
    "Unfortunately we do not have the physical disks to offer for the purchase that was placed. As was stated previously, the order was submitted for a digital download product."
    So this is there stance. As they will not refund it for being digital, will not send out the physical items I had ordered, I guess I am left with disputing the charge all together through my CC company. Ubisoft has now lost me as a customer and I have canceled my pre-order for Assassins Creed Syndicate on the PS4. It is sad a company would make a mistake and not own up to it. But instead makes a big cover up of the whole thing. I have my screen shots of the physical product I ordered. I'm so disgusted that I don't even want to play the game anymore. I'm a huge fan of turn based strategy games and by far HOMM has been the best in the bunch. I stood by HOMM VI even with the all the issues with Uplay and the bugs. I was happy with what it turned out. But now over something as simple as getting the customers who purchased a physical copy what they ordered, they change it up and just brush us off. Very sad.
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    Yeah thats really the only option, dispute the charges or take them to small claims court or something. This is ridiculous, to treat fans -the best fans- who order their overpriced collectors edition, this way. They have discs they could give me, the rest of the world gets them apparently. They could also simply give me my money back and void the digital codes. But they'd rather say eff you? Nice. Way to sour me on my favorite game franchise of all time =/
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    My CE box is also missing the physical CD and game, but weren't the Ivan figurines also supposed to have a helm you could change out. I see that is is possible to remove Ivan's head, but I am missing the helm pictured in the pre-order picture and included in some unboxings. This would mean that the product sent out was defective (missing a piece) and there is no way they can say that we ordered the digital copy.
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