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    I've seen Britain,U.S.,Japan,and Australia listed.

    "Not all who wander are lost."
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    I'd love to see New Zealand in Pacific Fighters, refurbished P-40s and later Corsairs to go with their bombers
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    Nzed !!!
    The only Offensive aeroplane in the Kiwi Air Force today still has props
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    If you are really good, We'll let you Kiwis fly the Australian birds... ANZAC remember ?

    No disrespect guys
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    Per head of population, New Zealand had the highest number of aces during WW2. It'd be great to have the NZ squadrons represented in the Pacific. From Buffaloes in Singapore, to Corsairs and Dauntlesses later in the war. I'm sure Luthier & Co. won't forget us, but the NZ sim community will need to front up with the research. If they want to be included bad enough, they'll get off their backsides and do something about it.
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    Definitely Hardball. As I said to Luthier before, I am sure that just about any aussie / NZ people would be more than happy to help out with any info that's needed :>

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    well off the top of my head & this is just a guess...besides the ones menntioned above.

    thiland (siam in those days)
    altho i'm not sure if any had any aircraft.

    310th FS & 380th BG website
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    France too.

    And a Vote for New Zealand

    Everybody forgets about New Zealand.

    I don't even think they have AEP yet

    New Zealand's Cleopatra2525 Sunday mornings USA SciFi Channel (5-6 AM EST lol )

    But not this Sunday 04 April
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    Actually the Kiwis have a squadron in AEP
    regards snooper.
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