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    Is this game still going?

    Hi I'm a returning old player from closed beta, decided I missed this game, but when I came back it seemed that everything is kinda emptied out. I feel like my castle gets raided at most 5 times a day if I'm lucky and that no one is really around anymore, I see there hasn't been a non automated news in a while, as the awards things appear just to be automated bots. It feels there isn't even an Ubisoft person around. Can someone explain to me what's going on
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    there hasn't been a patch in 3 months if that's what you're asking.
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    Steam charts supports your feeling that no-one is really around anymore. Average online players this month is currently 592. And considering a number of them will be people starting the game at low levels or people who have accidentally left the quick launcher open on their computers... the real number I'd speculate is 300 or less players around your castle/hero level.


    I also believe the developers have failed to properly incentivize players into a routine of raiding (something that is of critical importance to the games longevity because all players want to get attacked... win or lose. They want their creations enjoyed by other players, they want to watch their defenses crush raiders or learn what works and what doesn't. Also without raids the game feels stagnant and single-player - it's that raid that suddenly reminds players to keep farming and improve their defenses because there are players after your loot potentially minutes away! Too bad even the loot you're defending is boring and unimaginative)

    Attacking should be FUN! It should be unique to this game - not a carbon copy of ARPG stats such as Critical chance and Gold find - Whoopdy frickin doooo. Why not Wall Crawl, Rugby Tackle, Telekinesis? Too complex to program and expensive to illustrate/animate? Attackers should be uniquely identifiable as should castles. The game should be balanced but with enough wiggle room for the better players to seem OP. Unfortunately the game is a swing and a miss on all these points. Attackers use the same skills because they are glaringly better than the others (how often do higher crown players see Mage's that arn't Electric Slide, EMP, Flameburst and Vortex? How often does a Mage using the other skills succeed when they attack? Very rarely and never are your responses I'm sure) - raiders should be able to use the skills they desire and they should be viable.

    It gets to the same point with castles. The same rooms, defensive traps and creatures are used verbatim because they are glaringly better than all the others. I mean the discrepancy is so unbelievable in some cases that it's laughable and it becomes understandable why veteran players rag on the developers. Let's compare slowtorch VS ballistic cannon for example. The first thing we notice is the tooltip says Slow torch deals 2875 damage and the ballistic cannon deals 625. Wow so already the slow torch is potentially 4-5 times stronger than the ballistic cannon for 3 DP. OK now lets test it because we all know the devs have a habbit of making mistakes and leaving bugs. Slow torch deals 2875 damage... wow OK awesome, I like. Ballistic cannon's turn...it hits.... it deals.... 327 damage? WHA? So for 3 DP the slow torch is 8-9 times more damaging than the ballistic cannon. OH! So that's why slow torch has been spammed in every castle for 6+ months (well actually the damage AND the long range is the reason) and ballistic cannons are simply poor man's traps. Surely after all this time and imbalance the Dev's would have made some adjustments to try and improve the game and add design diversity - even just a simple numbers fix. NOPE. Well they did greatly inflate the costs of some of the better traps/creatures - they did something - oh but that was to push the sale of material packs and the Infinity pack... a further blight on this game and more fuel to the P2W fire. Oh and Ubisoft... if you have to defend yourselves in your FAQ saying that MQEL is not P2W... then you're kidding yourselves and lying to the future players you won't retain.

    Oh man... it really has been a train wreck in slow motion this game. It has earnt all the negative Steam reviews and will not recover in my estimation. No news the past 3 months fits their development history of not consulting with their players on what's going on/what's coming up. I guess Ubisoft is just too big and important for all that community relationship and discussion mumbo jumbo. Back to Path of Exile for me
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    "You can polish a turd to a high shine, but it's still a turd".

    MQEL is actively designed for gamers who act like a flock of tarded sheep (******ed is censored, go figure), handing them money on a broken project like newly born lambs.
    Some have give THOUSANDS of dollars, much to chagrin of UbiSoft.
    Even for me this is hard to comprehend, because there is just not that much "bang for the buck" in this case.
    It has taken FOREVER for people to "wake up" and stop the bleating against P2W as that is NOT THE PROBLEM, folks! (never has been)

    To give you a basic metaphor in regards to sheep...

    UbiSoft is just the shepherd with velco gloves, mounting gamers from behind as they bleat wildly asking for more.
    Don't get mounted like the rest of them, avoid the "BAAAAAH" factor and get out while you can from the pen. (ie getting virtually $#%@ed).

    The final judgement is approaching as this train wreck falls off the tracks, long before it hits the "end of the line".
    I look forward to this day with overwhelming glee.

    UbiSoft days as a powerhouse of gaming are numbered and will be finished within less than 3-5 years.
    All existing franchises will be dead, and they have no fallback because they are unwilling to support creativity like the movie industry.
    This tends to happen when you alienate your audience and community as well based on corporate greed.

    Boycotts have already started, and many of the older and experienced gamers of today already refuse to buy UbiSoft products.
    For naysayers, I have an OUTSTANDING track record of being right regarding premonitions and experience in the gaming world.

    Unfortunately, there will always be prepubescent teenagers that are unwise to the real world, begging their parents for money, players that just have money to burn in holes, or are dolled into believing something that does not exist.
    The funniest part is players keep asking for "official responses" from UbiSoft to tell them "the truth", but all they receive is an empty void, just like their game promises.
    Those are the gamers that remain ignorant of the future and what is already here.
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    Ubi used to be such a great gaming company, I loved their earlier 'Might and Magic' games, the Far Cry franchise, Settlers and a few others.

    However, I also realize that something went horribly wrong at some point, and these games I love are all made 2007 or prior; Ubi is still churning games out, but they at best they seem to meet mixed reviews or people just don't like them.

    A good point is that on Steam, 'Might and Magic' franchise is on sale for 80% off currently, for the second time in six months I believe? And I look at them and even for 3-4$, I find I just do not want any of the newer ones. Too many terrible reviews, and too much hassle (Ubi refuses to disable their protection for titles under Steam which means to play any game, you need to be online with, and logged into both Ubisoft and Steam; which do not play well together).

    It almost seems like Ubi is slowly (or not so slowly perhaps) changing themselves from a traditional gaming company to a becoming a paywall app gaming company.

    Regardless, everyone is correct in that Mighty Quest has not seen any sort of an update in months, nor anything other then auto-generated messages (Congratulations to our Tier x Winners) have been posted. The lights are still on, but it does seem that no-one is at home anymore. I also suspect that there is not much of a playerbase left, I have mentioned several times that my keep sees maybe a few attacks a week now. I imagine it is down to the few new curious players trying out Mighty Quest, and a smattering of the long-term hard core players.

    It does seem rather obvious that things are in the final stage of winding down for Mighty Quest.
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    All I know is: People are still buying items on the SCM, and my castle still gets attacked on a daily basis.

    But until there is a major content update, I've retired from MQEL and am enjoying spending my gaming time elsewhere...
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    Originally Posted by QuadraticAdam Go to original post
    But until there is a major content update, I've retired from MQEL and am enjoying spending my gaming time elsewhere...
    Either kids wasting there parents money or people ignorantly spending there money thinking this game is good who will soon regret it.

    Glad to finally see some of the die hard defenders quitting.

    Which thinking about it sucks in a way, I spend months (Possibly over a year by now...) telling people how bad this game and it's only getting worse I get called a myriad of names by players and developers alike now they have pretty much all quit.
    Try to make drastic change happen by telling people the game will slowly die out it if drastic change doesn't happen, Get ignored and receive hate, Game slowly dies out everyone leaves....

    It's like why even try... You get No thank you, No rewards, No you where right, No satisfaction. If I had of just quit let the game die and stopped playing from the moment i quit to now I would of had a way more pleasant time with out any animosity in my life, But no I choose to stay around and try to make a change for some reason...
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    Change has to come from the top down.

    And if the Dev team at UBI was busy cramming the game they wanted us to play down the players throats instead of listening to what the players actually wanted; the blame for failure falls completely on them.

    I have been fiddling with Mighty Quest since Open Beta, and in that time I have seen players take the time (and often in great detail) provide endless suggestions, improvements and feedback to the Mighty Quest team.

    ...then the Dev team went and did whatever they felt like doing, almost always ignoring, and often contrary to what players were actually asking for.

    Not really any surprise the player base never really grew much, or stayed long. The UBI staff high turnover did lead me to believe that this was far from anyone's choice assignment. I imagine that most just were there to put their time in, played around with whatever odds and ends caught their interest, and basically just killed time waiting to be transferred to a different game/position.

    When the staff themselves seemed to take little interest in putting any serious effort into improving or fixing the game, one cannot really fault the majority of the playerbase for a similar disinterest and leaving for something actually fun.

    I certainly know exactly where I would point the finger for Mighty Quests demise (and it is soon coming; believe me. No updates and no staff is the online game equivalent of a 'kiss of death') and it certainly was not because of a lack of effort on the players part. It is a quite sad epitaph that many of the long-term players had obviously worked a lot harder and much longer longer towards improving Mighty Quest for a love of the games potential then the people who were actually being paid for doing this.
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    There's quite a few reason to why this game is what it is, that people doesn't know about. MQEL is a Ubisoft "Project" and has never left "Project" form and made an official "product". MQEL is still today a "project" but it will most likely never be anything else than that. MQEL was a test, an experiment if you will. Anyone interested in details can add me to steam.
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    Originally Posted by Melodiam Go to original post
    And if the Dev team at UBI was busy cramming the game they wanted us to play down the players throats instead of listening to what the players actually wanted; the blame for failure falls completely on them.
    I don't disagree, But my realization is that it sucks that, All my effort trying to educate the public/players/people about the steady decline with no signs of improving garnered me so much hate from players (Who still had hope in the game or wanted the game to be good) and developers (who kicked me out of the ambassador program for daring to criticize the game and say things need improving).

    And for what? Nothing got fixed, Game didn't get good, Devs didn't listen think I'm a troll, Players either still think I'm a jerk or don't care. But I guess in the end I get to say "I told you so" which is a extremely somber victory...
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