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    Does anyone have any news regarding the beta?
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    No news yet. The replies from the devs haven't changed either. Once something is anounced im sure it wont be long before we all know about it.
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    I hope so I heard about this game not too long ago at E3 but man it looks really good when you actually see some one playing the game.
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    Guys, think about it, beta won't happen any time soon, just take the time scope of R6 beta. Don't expect it until next year, and more chosen lucky ones as closer to release, which I place around 2016 holidays. My guess of course, but considering what we have seen and what we still have to see they have material to unveil for one more year, game modes, single player, vikings, customization options... you know, ubi loves to make videos of these things
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    Some mornings I wait up with drool on my pillow, having dreamt of playing For Honor. And so I ask myself too -- when will the beta be released? Alas, I know that when the devs know, they'll tell you all know through email blasts and social media updates and we will be kept in the loop to inform you all on the forums. When this happens, it will be like a meteor crashing into the earth, made of candy, exploding happiness and rainbows for all the people everywhere. It will be good. So good. And like most good things in this world, one must wait. Must wait for the good, good things.
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