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    For honor 2


    at first look to the game, it seems an action masterpiece .
    when u play it u are going to believe it is realy a masterwork .
    but after some minutes of playing this challenging game u find out it is some thing like monotone !!!

    yes ... it's very reduplicative.
    just like dynasty warriors with incredible graphics.

    do not misunderstand ... i'm fan of warriors series and i played whole series and i know what is these type of games problems.

    the problem is : being new for many hours for the player.

    for honor has chance to show up itself between other big franchises and even win the competition. but this can happen when
    ubisoft great and clever game makers take some risk and change their mind about this brilliant game.

    what are the changes ???

    1 - more nations

    it's so simple:
    samurai for sale in japan
    knight for most of europe and america
    viking for other people in europe and america
    but ... is this enough ???
    how about new gamers in korea ??? how about nearly 2 billion chinese ??? how about 1 billion arabs and more than one billion indians ???
    how about undeniable history of persia and Egypt and rome and greeks and middle africa ???
    how about russia and american native ??? how about spanish guys in south america ???
    i know this medieval game
    but the other nations i said they were in medieval age too and more important than vikings !!!
    still i know we most have some new choises in next game of this serie ... but haven't you think about fail ???
    we always think about what we going to do after victory !!! but if we defeat ??? what then ???
    if this project fail... there will be no FOR HONOR 2 ....

    2 - just hack & just slash ?

    no fantasy no magic no double flying no killing 1000 man with one move !
    so this will be something look like real
    but this is still a game
    characters are not so fast and not that slow this is very good but still not enough because it needs more moves for any classes
    with more moves game will stay fresh and having new things to find and players will stay doing this game alot

    3 - strategy

    of course ...... there is no game with real time strategy beside action hack & slash.
    these together will make a memorable work.
    just imagine total war game commix with FOR HONOR ! plus open world !!!!!!
    i mean player can have his own campaign and make his own nation and his own history and player can make plan to attack or deffence and take a part in
    battle it self and command the soldiers with his friends to save the colony or even country they made in game against the other players from other country in game
    or even conquer and exterminate the other nations in the game.

    4 - world creation

    with this option player can create his own king or commander or even soldiers looking.
    this make a player to enjoy from depth of their heart ! because he will find and feel himself in the game.
    even making the banner and creating group or combining the nations within. betrayal or loyal in battle or even in strategy will be cool
    this cause to have the greatest game of history.

    5 - story line

    online games mostly don't needs story line. but this is different . because FOR HONOR is not counter strike.
    we all agree counter strike is one of the best online shooter games
    but FOR HONOR is historical game . having a story even a short one and mixing it in online mode will be nice and very special one.
    so for the game it's better to have atractive story line and history of the world can be nice and easy one for this

    6 - free to play

    yes .... if ubisoft make this one for free then it will have at least 50 million player.
    this not a low number....
    with this count of players u can have an inner store in game to sell weapon or upgrades or whatever !
    or even can make a place for players to trade their thing to buy and sell with each other buy payig a verry littlt tax for ubisoft
    not even 50 million ... only 5 million little tax per a month or even a day will be huge money
    with this huge money u can do many other projects

    for myself ... i'm a fan of this game and i want to see success of FOR HONOR
    i hope this help u guys.

    ya ali madad
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    Thanks for the input Rinmorika! I think what will make FH stand out, among other things, is the art of battle system. It is not going to be a typical hack and slash game for sure. We are thinking of this game as what a shooter is but with hand to hand combat. That will make it highly unique and possibly even revolutionary.
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