this game is on medieval age so it wii be plaesure to stand and fight beside crusaders

here the most important characters in this 200 years of war as history says :

1 - Lord Salaheddin ayyubi
fist king of Ayyubid dynasty - muslims leader in second and third crusade. known for his wisdom and kindness and winner of crusade

2 - Lord Richard 1 of England
king of england and leader of christians in third crusade. known for his bravery.

3 - Alp Arslan
second king of Seljuq dynasty. his name means brave lion.

4 - Philippe II Auguste
france king during whole crusade wars but join to war only in third crusade.

5 - Imad ad-Din Zengi
first king of Zengid dynasty and leader of mulims in first crsade. known for first one winnig over crusaders.

i hope this help ubi guys :)))