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    Online Services Farcry 1 shut down?

    Oi Oi OI this is gonna hurt many of our FC players for many many years, this cannot be true!! the one and only best multiplayer invented by UBI is still attracting players after all these years,and all new sequels never met the fun factor in its simplicity but well thought out gameplay. there is still a small but dedicated community playing and we are devistated by this news!!!
    please reconsider this please ???
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    This is very, very, very bad news. Far Cry 1 have the best multiplayer from Far Cry series. Have no lags and migrations, have support for dedicated servers. Please, do not kill this mulitplayer. There are no many players, but are!
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    This would be a hudge deception for all Far Cry 1 fans who still play this game after over 11 years, there is a small and welded community over there. So please reconsider this decision to shutdown UBI online services, at least for 1 more year. Thank you in advance !
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    I am quite sure that you are doing the bad thing UBI. You should continue the Service ;-)
    Or at least, make that some FarCry Community scripters makes FC5 for you instead of using your scripters, that don't know what they are doing.

    So, reconsider this decision to shutdown UBI online services ;-)

    And I want my 60 euros back for FarCry 3! I put 60 euros to the rubbish!
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    Ubisoft can create free online game = Far Cry 1 multiplayer, but using Dunia Engine from Far Cry 4!
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    Please do not close FC1. Far cry is my favorite all time game online. PLEASE!

    Ive been playing Far Cry 1 religiously for over eleven years since 2004. I have also purchased and played Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3, and recently Far Cry 4 and have enjoyed the single player games very much, but nothing has come close to the multiplayer found in Far Cry 1. There is no multiplayer like it, and Ive been trying to find an alternative since FC1 is so old, but I still have found nothing yet, and nothing in sight. I measure all MP games with FC!. My father was killed in a freak accident when I was a teen, my mom died of breast cancer that's spread to her brain last year and over Christmas I lost the family house. If I lost Far Cry too I would be totally crushed.
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    That's very sad news Not many players left in this game, but we are small and strong family. Yep, we act like that.
    Autumn arrived, evenings are cooler and darker again.... if u know what I mean.
    Reconsider this decision please.
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    Don't kill an era, Far Cry is the best multiplayer game, i've seen many pro Twitch stream-a recommend this game. So pls dont shut down our little family.Greetings from Bosnia
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    You guys should do a forum poll about keeping the servers going. im sure everyone here would give you guys a vote
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    its the best multiplayer ever! the way you can lean etc.the gameplay in its simplicity ,the climbing and exploration in maps,the teamplay, the follow ups never got close to this in multiplayer,FC3 was promising but never really got back to the roots as they promised, thats why we are still here playing the first !!
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