View Poll Results: Hi, I was looking at all the scuttlebucket about the bomber(s) for the next patch but some posted t

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  • I have done a manual bomb run successfully.

    30 69.77%
  • I have done a manual bomb run but wasnt successful.

    8 18.60%
  • I have not done a manual bomb run.

    5 11.63%
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    I spent some time figuring out the details of the HE111 bomb-run but now I find it really easy to do, since it's automated to the max.
    I always enjoyed bombing in the TB 3 since you get to do it by "gefühl". The greatest problem with bombing is the fairly short distance from which you can spot the targets, especially the Heinkel needs a good long bomb-run, so I normally set all parametres on the bombsight right after takeoff so I only have to do slight adjustments during the run itself.

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    Cheese with Tuna?

    Flying on HL as -Dolemite- <----- ya wont regret it
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    I like tuna mayonnaise with cheese

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    There I was reading a thread about manual bombing and I end up with a new idea for my daily sandwich filling! What a forum!


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    I am hooked on it also right now. Bombing, not the tuna. I think it kicked in when I got my first bullseye. It can be heartache sometimes, all that work and then wide right by 30 yards. Makes me say bad things and fly home fast so I can try again.
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    I've made a table for converting IAS to TAS.

    The table is fully automated, it lists for altitudes of up to 4000m with increments in 50m and speed increments in 10km/h. It is a far more precise table then the one supplied on the PDF document on the FB CD. You can easilly modify the table yourself. The bombs fall spot-on to altitueds up to 3500m, if everything is perfect. If you go above that altitude, the precision is decreasing gradually. Above 4500, most targets cannot be seen anymore, except for large cities and industrial areas. (at least, not on my system )

    Give me a PT with your Email adress if you want the IAS/TAS table.

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    Flying bombers is definitely one of the least explored aspects of this sim that can add many different aspects to it. I fly bombers on occassion and find it particularly rewarding when i can hit the target, vector home and land successfully. Shot up or not.

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    Can someone please post an easy guide for novice bombers please?

    Key mapping ect, how are you all doing it?
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