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    Struggled about a day on this but found the solution to my Windows 10 64-bit issue

    I'm on Windows 10 64-bit using a Surface Pro 3. I found that this solution worked for me to get the game to work finally (the steps provided above especially with the patches I'm sure helps too): http://www.mystcommunity.com/board/i...s-10-solution/. It is relating to disabling "HID-compliant ___" devices in "Device Manager > Human Interface Devices" to narrow down the culprit. Best of luck.
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    Myst IV Revelation

    Worked for a couple hours trying to get it to run on my Windows 10 system.

    Downloaded the "Patches", which no one ever elaborated upon. It appears those patches allow the game to be played without the Discs, and/or override Microsoft's Windows 10 "Safedisc" security software. Though even now, I am not certain.

    Eventually, what got the game to run was booting with a Disc and believe it or not it was Disc 2 that prompted the boot. Heimdall suggested same multiple times, but it was a technique that also went unexplained.

    I am my Windows "Administrator" so I never understood the amount of effort trying to run the Myst IV Appication in "Administration". Ultimately I believe what worked for me was the Patches and Booting with Disc 2. Which in itself is conflicting because the Patches are supposed to allow play without the Discs.
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    Hello Heimdall_G
    Just wanted to say thank you. I downloaded the patches exactly as instructed. Loaded the game as administrator and used Disc 2.
    Yours was the first link when I searched for help using Chrome and my problem was solved immediately. I thought it might take hours and hours!
    Thank you for your very succinct advice, very easy to follow and it worked brilliantly. Much respect and gratitude.
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    You're quite welcome.

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    Thank you!

    I followed the instructions above and it works great- but only with Disc 2 inserted.
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    You're welcome!

    Don't know why Disc 2 is the magic disc, rather than Disc 1. But hey, whatever works.
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    [Mac] Myst IV:Revelation Not Working with Windows 10


    I know its some time ago since this thread was active, but I hope someone can help me here.

    I've got the same problem as everyone here, except that there is no black screen at all.
    I have installed Myst IV on my Windows 10, that works fine. I can also start the DVD 2, so that the option Start Game is available. Then I click on that button, there is a short glimpse of Demo Shield 7.5 and everything disappears and I have to reenter the DVD to try again.
    I've downloaded the patches 1.02 and 1.03, but nothing changed. Where do I have to apply them? In Myst V the applying of the patches in the correct folder solved the problem.
    I hope someone knows an option, I'd be very happy to play this game another time.


    PS.: I don't know if this is important, but I'm running Windows 10 in a virtual machine on my Mac...
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    I patched my Game and it worked
    is there any way to keep the cursor from suddenly jumping to the opposite side of the screen.
    also, how can I play without the Disc in the DVD drive.
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