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    To MQ Team

    This will most likely be my last post on these forums. I still hold some hope that we will see something happen by New Years, but that is a long ways off and I have no intention of holding my breath.

    It has been my honor to be the Ambassador for Mighty Quest. The experience was something I will remember and cherish despite the pain it sometimes caused me lol. While our attempt to bring the community and Dev team together didn't seem to reach a full cohesion it was definitely a unique experience haha. I wish all of the MQ team success in their new / old careers and every ounce of happiness they can manage to catch.

    I'm sure there will be posts that follow this up so let me be the first to say

    Thank you and best wishes

    Rezna (aka Jason)

    Good Luck !!
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    RIP in Peace Rezna

    GL HF
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