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    Can you rename this game?

    Here are some titles............

    The mighty quest for epic P2W.

    The mighty Quest of epic Nothing now.

    The mighty Quest of Epic nothing drops anymore.

    The mighty Quest of Epic Ubisoft got Greedy.

    The mighty Quest Of Epic I can go on on on and get nothing out of this game now.

    Most heroes are crap now too.
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    There is one title that summarizes any possible combination of ideas.

    "The Mighty Quest for Epic Fail" by UbiSoft (trademark).

    Just replace the four letters from the original name, and it becomes readily apparent.
    There are plenty of other four letter words that work well in this case too.

    New players just keep right on throwing money into the black hole though, nothing to stop it now, mostly because there is nobody fighting back, and nearly no one left to warn them either.
    I left my personal two-handed sword, crossbow, great axe, and magic staff in my castle a long time ago.
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    I saw where this was headed when they released the infinite pack and basically gave founders the middle finger. I bought the high roller pack and really liked the game at the time but when greed>gameplay I quit
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