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    Say hello to your new Community Manager !

    Hello CSI's!

    You might have noticed that I have been less active on the forums lately: this is because I have slowly been involved in other projects. Soon, I will move on to work fully on these other projects and will no longer be working on CSI: Hidden Crimes.

    It has truly been a pleasure to be involved in this community and the CSI family. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support but also to introduce you to your new Community Manager: SkyBreach! Let's give him a warm welcome.
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    Thank you very much for your kind introduction, Enicedia and hi to all of you CSI's!

    Some might know me from my previous project, Might and Magic Duel of Champions, where I was able to gain a lot of experience.

    So as your new Community Manager I'm here for all of you whenever you have an issue, feedback or are simply in the mood to chat a little.
    Feel free to contact me anytime you wish to communicate something to me or our team and I'll make sure that your voices are heard.

    I'm really happy to be here and am looking forward to a great time with all of you.

    So keep solving those cases & see you around.
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