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    Game save overwritten during crash

    Had finished the main mission and was working on trophies, gems, data bank and the 8 star seeds when I noticed the save quit button was missing.
    I kept playing as I had just found some star seeds and scanned the artic keep hoping the save quit would return. After it didn't I was going through the options in the menu trying to make it reappear. When I clicked on uplay option the game crashed

    I didn't think anything of it but I realized after that instead of saying continue then new game it only said play
    So after I clicked play the game started as if for the first time. Trying to close it and start it again showed continue and new game but it only loaded the brand new save
    Trying new game asked if I wanted to overwrite
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    Hmm, sorry this happened. We're not entirely sure why. Could you perhaps contact our support staff about this so they can get the necessary information from you?
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