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    I can't take the egg in chapter 3 (lost connection to the server) Hawaii p10lite
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    I can't move to Level 3 and the game itself Doesn't connect with enternet
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    I have the same problem

    Originally Posted by Ubi-BlueFire Go to original post
    Hello Rayman Adventures players!

    If you receive a server error (unable to connect) after reaching Adventure 3, please contact us by posting in this forum, being sure to provide us with details about your device and what you’re experiencing so that we can work to resolve the issue.

    We are aware that it's been quite a long time since this bug appeared, but this one is a tough one! And we promise we are doing our best to bust it properly.

    Thank you for your help and patience!

    The Rayman Team

    my phone is Huawei Y9s, I've received a server error (unable to connect) whe I reached Adventure 3 i think(I can't take the purple egg). so please help me and fix this problem.
    thank you
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