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    Beta Bugs

    So since the Bug Report link takes me to the main website and not to a place that you can submit bugs I figured I'd leave them here.

    So few bugs I noticed..

    1. The Attack icon appears when capturing mines or buildings.
    2. PC frame rate slow down from wind effects.
    3. After entering the battle screen, the mouse icon will display descriptions from buildings as if the player was on the Map screen.

    4. **MAJOR ISSUE** On a Hot Seat Game, the CLIENT's units would sometimes disappear when going into a battle. It had to do with the square in which the unit was placed on the Army menu. So for example, there are 7 squares for units in a hero army. Lets say 3 stacks of units were in squares (From Left to Right 1-7) 1, 2 and 6. When the Client entered a battle, the units from squares 1 and 2 were gone. Leaving only the units in square 6 to fight. This did not go away unless the Client moved their army around before each battle.

    5. In a Hot Seat Game the Client got +20000 leadership and +1000 luck from a rally banner on the map, combined with the Skill that doubles hero effects for a week.
    6. You are unable to see what skills creatures have by holding Right Mouse button.

    Suggestions :

    *When you build a new building it would nice to see the building being built as it did in heroes 3.
    *When you double click on a creature dwelling it should show you what the creature looks like with the in game model.
    *The buildings you construct in the castle should have an outline when hovering over them.
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    Yay, had searched for a bugreporting a whiile myself: Go to https://mmh7.ubi.com/en/beta and do CTRL-F (search for) report
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