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    New player looking for pointers on the "objectively best" current expansion set

    Hello all you wise and experienced players,

    I'm new to DoC (but not new to TCGs), and like a true noob, I just realized that the Standard section of the shop has a scroll bar on the right, so I have suddenly realized that there are 3 additional expansions set boosters I can be buying! After many packs of BS2, ToR, and many campaign boosters, I have gotten pretty tired of all the familiar faces I keep opening up (not that there aren't still gems to be found), and the discovery of 3 more gold-purchasable sets has been a welcome one. I just spent my remaining gold on one booster each of Griffin Bane, Heart of Nightmares, and Sins of Betrayal and - lo and behold! - each of them was super awesome. So now, I find myself with a good problem to have: which of the 3 evidently awesome sets ought I focus on purchasing?

    When it comes to playstyle, in MtG terms I am more or less a Johnny-Timmy-Spike, in that order. Because of that, and because I am still new to the game and not ready to get really competitive yet, I care more about cards being cool than about them being streamlined for maximum killing efficiency. Additionally, because individual "must-have" cards can be obtained from the Altar of Wishes, I am more interested in getting a good bang-for-the-buck with each booster than in trying to get a lucky rare or epic draw (although those are always welcomed).

    So, what standard sets do you all recommend as most economically awesome?

    Also, do you think the older are sets are worth shelling out some seals?

    Thanks, in advance, for your input!
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    Honestly, you should buy some from all of them. Seriously. Every set has good cards in them.
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