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    Noobie Help & Promo Code Help

    Hi all,

    I just started playing this game and really enjoy it so far.

    I chose necro as my starting deck.

    3 Questions for you all:

    1) I would like to get some new cards and I saw that there are promo codes:

    but, I cannot find where to enter them in the game. Can someone please help me? I need more cards

    2) Speaking of cards, from what I read it's best to get "reinforcement packs" right now, is that correct? Which expansions would have cards that I can use in my necro deck? I am confused as to which "types"/"factions"/"schools of magic" I can use as a necro. (necropolis and dark, right? - are there others?) Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    3) I am stuck right now on the "Whispering Forest" campaign level - can't survive the onslaught! I could use some spells that kill all creatures in a line/column/the game - are there any like that for necro?
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    1) The redeem code button is currently disabled. It should be back up before the end of the day/night. It should be in the shop when it does.

    2) As a Necropolis hero, you are limited to using creatures and fortunes that are Necropolis or Neutral. The Schools of magic you can use depend on your hero. If you check your hero's card, it will show, at the right-hand side, the symbols of the schools. If you check the spells in your deck builder, you can check the school symbols on them as well, which is an easy tell. (EDIT: If you have the starter deck with Seria, you can use Dark and Water magic)

    Each hero has it's own available schools. You could find another Necro hero that can use different schools (finding heroes in packs is uncommon but it can happen)

    I do not know what sets are good for Necropolis. Find out what cards are best, and what sets they are from. Then buy sets from those sets. (Reinforcement packs are the base/core set). When you get your first Wild Card (available with most booster packs, it will say in their description if they contain one or more) you unlock the Altar of Wishes, where you can spend wildcards to obtain specific cards. Since the base set is already unlocked, buying basic Reinforcement Packs might not be the best choice. Other sets unlock when you have obtained 200 cards of that set (through packs). Buying packs of those other sets would then be beneficial. (Void Rising and Herald of the Void also contain guaranteed wildcards, Reinforcement packs only have a 1/6 chance to contain one, I think)

    People generally advise you to save up your seals (rewards from the campaign, and you get seals every time you level up) to buy a Box. A box of a set contains 10 packs, and generally bonus wild cards as well, so it's much better value for your seals than single packs. (They cost less than 10x the cost of a normal pack)

    Your gold can be used to buy single packs as you desire.

    3) I don't know enough about your specific Hero to know. I assume you have the basic deck with Seria, so you have Dark and Water. Water has some spells in the base set that can help stem the tide of enemies. You can check in-game or at http://www.mmdoc.net/card_list . You can filter that to show only the base set, and then just scroll through the spells/fortunes.
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    Very helpful post, thank you!

    I do see the Redeem Code option, but when I enter a code I just get a red card spinning around indefinitely. Maybe the button is back but it's still broken?

    1 more thing... When you buy packs you get a guaranteed wild card, 8 commons, 3 uncommons and 1 rare/epic/heroic, which is 1+8+3+1 = 13, is that correct? Or does the wild card count as a common or something like that?

    Boxes say +5 extra wild cards, so that means 10 packs included for 15 wild cards total, correct?
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    There are some issues as many new players want to redeem codes.
    Just wait some time (and don't forget to contact support to get your alienware promo box if you started your account last weekend.
    You don't get guaranteed wild cards for reinforcement packs. And wildcards aren't normal playable cards, but a currency with which you can buy cards in the altar of wishes.
    I would advise you not to go to the altar as soon as you get your first wild cards. There have been many spending their wild cards on commons/uncommons they would also have full set of soon without buying them. Just play with what you get, then start looking around what kind of deck you want to build and only then buy cards in the altar.
    And you should only buy rares/epics or heroes.
    Besides that, it wouldn't be that bad to buy some pao deathseekers directly as they're good in many decks.
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    Filter Easy deals

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    Originally Posted by RobeManslayer Go to original post
    Hi all,

    I just started playing this game and really enjoy it so far.
    If you just started and did not use someone's referral code, then you should start over with a new user and use a referral code. That gives you six extra starter decks in addition to the starter deck for the faction you chose. Many of the cards in those other decks can be used in Necro (since some of them are neutral cards).

    Also take a look at the guide I point to in my signature.
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